Travel Guide to Grenada, Spice of the Caribbean

A beach in Grenada. Photo by Julie Bielenberg
A beach in Grenada. Photo by Julie Bielenberg

Yachts, lots of very nice looking yachts. Due to the location of Grenada, and the fact they have only sustained two direct hits from hurricanes in the last 50 years (argh, Ivan the Horrible in 2004), many insurance companies do not require yachts to be pulled out of the St. George Harbor due to its natural disposition, depth and location. The harbor is colorful – a reflection of French and British control in the country’s history.

What to Do in Grenada

For food, the island has everything, but you are going to want to try the seafood and fresh produce. As the ‘island of spice” be prepared for incredible nutmeg, cocoa, curry and many other spices and powders from around the world that were brought to Grenada and now grown year-round on the island. We ate fresh catches from fish stands, seafood restaurants on the beach to out of an Italian guy’s van who was grilling up the best burgers, you come to eat and enjoy on this island, and it’s safe and healthy.

There are beaches, hiking, mountain biking, city shops and markets, snorkeling, the world’s first underwater sculpture park, scuba diving, hashing, rain forests, jungles, plantations and about 100 other adventures in Grenada. The island might be small, but it is surely a mighty mouse in terms, of culture, history, activity and sport. In the seven days we spent on the island, we only logged a couple afternoons on the beach; the rest was left to adventure.

The coast of Grenada. Photo by Julie Bielenberg
The coast of Grenada. Photo by Julie Bielenberg

If You Travel to Grenada

Grenada Tourism Authority

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