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Go World Travel Magazine is a digital magazine for world travelers. If you want to promote your destination, resort, tour or tourism business to readers who are actively planning travel, Go World Travel Magazine is the perfect place.

Promoting your content on Go World Travel allows you to reach our audience of frequent travelers. Between our website, social media, mobile app and newsletter, we reach more than 1 million travelers each month.

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What Is a Content Partnership?

A content partner acts as a sponsor by paying for a post, video or piece of content that is published on our site. The content is produced in an engaging manner that resonates well with our readers. Your team can create the content, or our team can create it for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Content Partnership with Go World Travel Magazine?

Here are five reasons to partner with Go World Travel Magazine to promote your destination or tourism business with our audience of frequent travelers.

Travelers at Yellowstone National Park. Photo by iStock
Travelers at Yellowstone National Park. Photo by iStock

Access a Targeted Audience of Frequent Travelers

Go World Travel Magazine has a well-defined and engaged readership interested in exploring new destinations. Our readers travel far, and they travel often.

Partnering with Go World Travel allows you to tap into this pre-existing audience, ensuring that your destination gets exposure to potential travelers who are genuinely interested in exploring new places.

Credibility and Trust

Go World Travel Magazine has established credibility and trust with our audience of frequent travelers. When your destination is featured on our site, it benefits from our reputation and authority.

Travelers are more likely to consider and trust recommendations from a reputable source, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your destination.

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We create engaging content that not only informs, it inspires travel. Photo by iStock

Quality Content

Go World Travel Magazine is known for producing high-quality content, including articles, photographs, and videos. By partnering with us, you can leverage our expertise to create compelling and visually appealing content that showcases the unique attractions, experiences, and culture of your destination. This can significantly enhance your destination’s visibility and desirability.

SEO Benefits

Online content partnerships often include backlinks to your destination’s website or promotional materials. These backlinks from a reputable travel magazine can improve your destination’s search engine ranking, making it easier for travelers to find information about your location when searching online. This can result in increased organic traffic to your website.

Multi-Channel Exposure

At Go World Travel Magazine, our voice stretches across multiple online platforms, including social media, our newsletter and our mobile app.

A content partnership can extend beyond just articles on our website, providing your destination with exposure on multiple channels, and reaching a broader and diverse audience.

Partnering with Go World Travel Magazine can offer your destination numerous benefits, including access to a targeted audience, enhanced credibility, high-quality content production, SEO advantages, and exposure across multiple digital platforms.

These advantages can help boost your destination’s visibility and attract more travelers, ultimately leading to increased tourism and economic benefits.

Let us help you promote your message to our audience of frequent travelers. Contact us to learn more about our content partnership opportunities.  

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