Granada has plenty of places to stop and relax.

Moorish Moorings: Granada, Spain

Wander Moorish neighborhoods with whitewashed houses and explore the intricate gardens of a centuries-old fortress.
Skeletons of Sedlec. Flickr/michael 7601

The Skeletons of Sedlec: A Sacred Gallery of Art

Crowns, scepters and chandeliers are just a few works of art created with surprising materials in this unusual gallery.

Elephant Sighting in the Grotto: Visit to a Tuscan Spa

Americans hold hard to their puritanical roots, making Tuscan spas an unusual experience.
Walking through the Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn und Taxis Palace. Photo by Benjamin Rader

Germany: Christmas Along the Danube

German Christmas markets are unique. Experience Christmas in six German towns along the Danube and visit some of the best Christmas markets in Germany.
Sunset in Cassis on the French Riviera. Photo by Annie Palovcik

Three Small-Town Jewels of the Riviera

For laid-back charm and genuine local life, nothing matches the smaller Riviera towns.
The small towns and back roads in Brittany, France, offer cultural and culinary delights around every corner. Photo by Rich Grant

Traveling Down the Backroads of Brittany

The wilds of Brittany are different from the rest of France. Brittany has its own language, music and culinary traditions. Explore its small towns and you’ll find flower-filled window boxes, charming homes and exquisite gardens.
A vineyard in Piedmont. Photo by Victor Block

Cheese, Truffles, History and Wine in Piedmont, Italy

In Piedmont, Italy, you can learn about the unusual profession of cheese hunting. Best of all, you get to sample this yummy part of Italian cuisine.
Travel in Westport Ireland

Westport: Now This is Ireland

St. Patrick and a shade of green

Shopping Etiquette in Italy

Here's what you need to know if you plan on shopping in Italy.
Three exposures of Ghent. Photo by Flickr/Tom Roeleveld

The Low-Key Magic of Ghent, Belgium

It doesn't matter whether you spell it Ghent or Gent, this magical city has captivating architecture, culinary delights and live music.

Seeing Orange in the Netherlands

Queen’s Day is one of the biggest parties in the Netherlands. Why not join in?
Waves crashing into the Cabo Da Roca cliffs, breaking the stillness of the ocean. Photo by Monica Gray

Finding a Piece of Home in Portugal

A homesick young traveler finds solace among the beaches of Portugal.
A Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London. Photo by Bob Ecker

Life as a Yeoman Warder: A Unique Look at the Tower...

A London winter story of meeting new friends in unlikely places.
Wineries in Northern Portugal

The Vinho Verde Route: Wine-Tasting in Northern Portugal

This little-known tour route offers vineyards, wineries, savory cuisine and age-old pastoral settings.