Coworking space. Photo by Austin Distel, Unsplash

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Digital nomads are the new categories of workers in the digital age of the 21st century. Whether freelance or self-employed, they no longer want to work in a fixed place (in a company office, etc.). 

This is how revolutionary workspaces, such as the coworking space, appeared. Uber and Instagram are among the well-known companies that began as startups in coworking spaces and developed into industry giants.

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Coworking is especially appreciated for the flexibility it offers. If traditional offices require signing a long-term lease, coworking spaces give the possibility to book your office for a day, a week, or a month. Open 24/7, they are adapted to the needs of self-employed entrepreneurs in their start-up phase. 

Flight in the clouds. Photo by Jerry Zhang, Unsplash
Flight in the clouds. Photo by Jerry Zhang, Unsplash


The choice of location for coworking depends on the company’s needs and its activities that may be concentrated in one particular area. For other businesses, the location may not be important at all. 

A comfortable work environment is very important for the performance of employees. The location of a company should allow them easy access to certain services and amenities:

  • Transportation 
  • Facilities (daycare, restaurants, parks, etc.)
  • Schools
  • Grocery stores 
  • Parking

Some ideal workplace locations can be found on the Metropolitan real estate website. The company’s real estate is located in the “golden square” of Dubai, so you can get acquainted with the options that the metropolis has to offer. 

Whether you prefer to work in the heart of Dubai or in more tranquil districts, you will find the best coworking places on the site. Our new construction projects range from top renovated buildings to modern properties. Discover dreamlike coworking spaces with functional room designs and high-quality furnishings for sale and rent.

The Room

Very appreciated by young entrepreneurs, coworking spaces offer freedom and professional flexibility. Web developers, web editors, community managers, virtual assistants, freelance service providers, and many others often find themselves in coworking spaces to overcome the isolation of developing a business at home or just change the working routine.

  • Planning the future office space allows you to decide where to place furniture and other items. Avoid irregularly shaped rooms and straight-shaped offices.  
  • Among other criteria to pay attention to are flooring, furniture, and wall color. All this directly affects the comfort of the workplace and the mood of employees when they are in the office.
  • Natural lighting remains the priority when it comes to choosing coworking spaces or offices. Make sure that there will be enough daylight during a working day. Large windows with Venetian blonds are highly recommended. Thus, you will be able to adjust the amount of daylight according to your preferences.
  • With Dubai’s dry climate and heat, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is key. The installation of climate technology systems helps to solve the issue in many cases.

Coworking spaces are also well-equipped with furniture and amenities. They usually have stable and fast internet connections, an open space with hot desks and dedicated desks, full offices for small teams, meeting rooms, phone booths, lockers, a kitchen and coffee area, relaxation areas, a printer and scanner, a reception service, and a mailbox.

Photographing a Sunset. Photo by Anna Vi, Unsplash
Photographing a Sunset. Photo by Anna Vi, Unsplash

Design and Zoning

One of the important criteria to consider when choosing a workplace is the uniqueness of the design. The working area should be comfortable and inspire people working there. 

  1. The main rule is not to clutter the workplace, as coworking involves the joint work of many people. To do this, zone the space effectively and use space-saving furniture. 
  2. Modern offices can’t do without lounge zones for employees to relax or do some physical activity. When choosing and organizing a coworking space, pay attention to the availability of a gym, sofa, TV, game station, etc.
  3. Modern coworking spaces in Dubai feature dining areas with kitchens. Here, everyone can not only eat (and cook) but also spend some quality time with colleagues.

To be productive at work, it is also important to have all your documents and accessories at hand. If a desk does not have drawers and other storage space, it should be positioned near the shelves and other furniture that contain your files. Also, consider electrical outlets and the Internet network — they should be placed somewhere near your table so that you can avoid wires running all over the place.

Concept and Benefits of Coworking

Coworking goes beyond the concept of flexible workspace and corresponds rather to 

The advantages of coworking are as follows:

  • A solution to optimize costs

Coworking is an exciting option to start a business with little capital. Indeed, it simplifies the life of entrepreneurs by allowing access to equipment that one cannot afford alone due to the lack of finances. 

  • Coworking to balance professional and personal life

By choosing to work in a coworking space, you can better organize your life. You can focus on your professional activities during work hours and devote the rest of the day to your personal life.

  • A concept that facilitates productivity

Self-employed entrepreneurs value their freedom, which is why they choose to work from home. Quiet and organized, the shared office keeps you free from distractions, which is essential to improving your efficiency at work.

  • A more professional workspace

Typically, coworking spaces offer meeting rooms equipped with a whiteboard and Wi-Fi connection, among other things, to conduct productive business meetings.

If you are looking for real estate in Dubai, our consultant not only takes on the role of a typical broker but also acts exclusively for you as a kind of financial advisor. Metropolitan offers you a wide range of services, working with mortgage lenders, developers, contractors, and other professionals in the industry. 

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