Like Mother, Like Daughter: Spa Getaway at the Arizona Biltmore

LEADarizonaBiltmoreWhen she was little, my daughter, Kirstin, and I would spend our free time at the park. I’d push her on the swing or catch her when she’d zoom down the slide. Sometimes we’d venture to the zoo, where I’d point out the giraffes and she’d giggle at the baboons.

But the years have slipped past quickly, and now my oldest is a teen with a driver’s permit and a penchant for borrowing my clothes. Regardless of the horror stories often told of teenagers, however, I love spending time with her. We have the same practical manner and do-it-yourself spirit. We both love movies and cuddling up with a good book. But one of our favorite things to do together is travel.

I try to spend one-on-one time with my kids as often as I can. Over the years, Kirstin and I have ventured to Florida, Thailand and Norway, always returning with a pile of memories. This year, though, we chose to do something a little different — an indulgent spa getaway for just the two of us.

Our destination was the elegant Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, a historic desert resort that has been a celebrity playground for decades. The resort’s 39 acres (15 hectares) are in the foothills of Phoenix’s posh Biltmore Estates district. Flowering gardens, tall palms, dripping fountains and the rugged Squaw Peak provide the backdrop for this Arizona oasis.

Frank Lloyd Wright, the consulting architect for the hotel, kept true to his style. Straight lines, geometric forms and contemporary furniture merge seamlessly with organic earth tones and local materials.

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