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North England is a wonderful destination to explore, with incredible history, beautiful towns and stunning national parks.

The north of the country is vast, with many places to visit, you’ll be spoiled for things to see and do. Whether you’re looking for flats to rent in Leeds City Centre to relocate to, visiting for the weekend or having a staycation, you will be in awe at the many lovely views and attractions.

From some of the largest cities in the country to quaint little villages and countryside, there is no shortage of incredible sights.

Take a look below at our list of the best places to visit in the North of England…

Royal Liver Building. Photo by Miroslav, Pexels
Royal Liver Building. Photo by Miroslav, Pexels

1. The Lake District 

The Lake District is one of the most stunning locations in the North of England. A mountainous area, with valleys, lakes and nature producing a harmonious landscape, it sure is a showstopper. In the UK, we are very lucky to have such wonderful nature and idyllic settings on our doorstop. For those who love the outdoors and are adrenaline junkies then The Lakes are a must to visit. 

2. York’s Shambles  

York is one of the oldest cities in the UK, with rich history, quaint streets to explore and an abundance of activities. One of the quirkiest activities to do in York is to visit the Shambles, a quaint medieval street with cobbled paving and buildings that overhang. You will be left in awe at the cheerful cafes and cute boutiques. However, if you look close enough, you will see hooks on the walls where cuts of meat would have been hung in the shade, hence the overhanging buildings.

3. Peak District 

The Peak District is a wonderful place to explore, especially Winnats Pass. The name stands for ‘Windy Gates’, because most days this is a very windy entrance to the Hope Valley and Castleton. This location was once under a tropical sea, so it is now full of cool fossils, making it a protected site. 

4. Scarborough Harbour 

Do you love to be beside the seaside? If so, then Scarborough is the perfect coastal town to visit on your trip to the North of England. Take a walk down the historic harbour for picturesque views and enjoy some fresh seafood at one of their many restaurants. 

5. Harewood House in Leeds

If you are taking a trip to Leeds, you won’t want to miss out on a visit to Harewood House. A stunning-looking eighteenth-century building surrounded by 100 acres of beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Take a walk inside and enjoy the sites of the stately rooms and fine art collections, as well as get to witness feeding sessions at the farm and bird garden, the recipe for a lovely family day out. 

6. Manchester night out 

As one of the larger cities in the north, there are plenty of activities to do and you can’t visit Manchester without also having a night out. Whether you prefer a chill night at the pub, cocktails with the girls or you want to put your dancing shoes on and dance the night away, Manchester’s nightlife has something for everyone. The city is renowned for a great night out, no matter what it is you’re into.  

7. Liverpool’s Albert Docks 

As many people know, Liverpool is considered the home of The Beatles, however, there’s also so much more to this vibrant city. The Albert Docks is an historic landmark at the heart of the bustling waterfront and there is much to do, see, eat and drink there. Blending the old and the new, this iconic location will keep you entertained for hours, whether that be visiting one of the many museums, or enjoying a delicious meal. 

8. Chester Zoo 

Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo?! The North of England is home to one, if not the best zoo in the country, this is one you don’t want to miss. Whether you love lions, tigers, or bears, Chester Zoo has it all. Create unforgettable memories whilst walking around the zoo looking at the animals in their habitats. Why not take it that one step further and book onto one of their incredible experience days? 

9. Newcastle Upon Tyne – The Angel of the North

Newcastle has a very rich cultural and industrial heritage scene, fantastic nightlife and exceptional food. On your trip to Newcastle, one thing you can’t forget to do is to stand beneath the iconic Angel of the North statue, the largest angel statue in the world. This huge piece of artwork is made out of steel to reflect on the ship-building heritage of the area. 

Gateshead, England, United Kingdom. Photo by Mike B, Pexels
Gateshead, England, United Kingdom. Photo by Mike B, Pexels

10. Durham Cathedral 

Although Durham may be a small city, it sure is mighty. With lots of history and beautiful things to do. Durham Cathedral should definitely be on your list of places to see when you’re in the city, it is a spectacular sight. Built in the inspiring Norman style, with lovely stained glass windows, shrines and tombs. Why not also visit the cathedrals museum to find out more? 

Whether you love the city, the beach, towns or the countryside, the North of England has it all. Now you know a little more about the top locations, where will you choose for your next break away? 

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