Revel Cellars treasure chest
Revel Cellars treasure chest
The newest product by Revel Cellars is a travel treasure chest. (Photo by Harrison Shiels)

The aroma of a Cohiba brings Cuba to consciousness…sipping Irish whiskey and uncorking a Californian wine welcome one’s senses to the Emerald Isle and Napa Valley.


Inventor James Cash is a traveler at heart and a lover of life and fine living.

He founded Revel Custom Wine Cellars — an innovative-yet-classic wine cellar company celebrities and CEO’s have discovered to design and create astonishing, stylish spaces in which to functionally display and store collectible wines in their glamorous homes. Revel’s proprietary, patented award-winning design concepts are enjoyed in select high-profile homes and private clubs in places like London, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Miami, Manhattan and the Rocky Mountains.  

Even though he creates creature comforts that enhance dream homes, Cash, like his customers who love to travel or do so by necessity, is a man on the move. He runs his international Revel Custom Wine Cellars out of West Michigan – a region with a longtime global reputation for manufacturing fine furniture.

Cash and Carry

James Cash will never come empty-handed into your home or cellar. If you invite him you can bet Cash comes with a prized wine to share and cigars to smoke. This combination of his generous gift-giving, travel, portability, and philosophy of presentation resulted in Cash “Imagineering” his latest prized product: The Revel Cellars Cigar Lovers Gift Box. 

“I decided there should be a nice way to properly take cigars and wine with you to visit friends or to your favorite cigar spot. I looked for such a product to buy for myself and once I learned there wasn’t anything that fit the bill in my mind it put me on a mission,” Cash explained.

It was formed following function for Cash who spent nights dreaming up a device which would be practical and portable but in keeping with the Revel Cellars philosophy, beautiful to display.  The result, his achievement, is now in limited supply but in high demand as a travel-savvy gift item for business or pleasure. 

James Cash
James Cash enjoys cigars and cars in Cuba. (Photo by Carol Gruen)

A Luxurious Lunchbox or Dinner Destination

The Revel Cellars Cigar Lovers Gift Box is about the size of a handled briefcase but it is really a treasure chest. It’s packed with the kind of sensory treats that send the mind wending its way through a world of wonderous destinations depending on its customized culinary contents. It’s like opening a luxurious lunchbox without the smell of a half-day-old peanut butter and jelly sandwich that’s been in the coat closet or locker since the 8 o’clock class.

Instead, opening the compression latches of Revel’s contoured, foam-fitted, hardwood, naturally-stained, lacquered box is like lifting the lid on the gilded Arc of the Covenant and climbing on a magic carpet. The contents, contained in carbon fiber, can carry you away.    

The aroma and oily wrapper on a well-humidified Cohiba can carry a consciousness to Cuba.

A whiff of Irish whiskey in Waterford crystal (coincidentally courtesy of Cash’s of Ireland) conjures a cherished conversation in County Cork or unforgettable evening in Eire.

Uncork a Californian Cardinale or Caymus and one winds up whisked to wine country. 

Revel Cellars cigar box
Revel’s beautiful box is a working humidor. (Photo by Harrison Shiels)


Revel Cellars cigar box
Irish eyes smile when Revel’s box is customized to taste. (Photo by Harrison Shiels)

Vine to Glass and Tobacco to Table

Cash’s sophistication and expertise have been enhanced by lifelong learning in far-flung places. 

“Travel is something my wife Carol and I have always loved. We’ve travelled with our two girls since they were babies. We love to learn about the culture and history of other places,” said Cash, who was between West Michigan and Mexico when we spoke. “My favorite travel destinations happen to be great wine regions as well — France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Napa Valley are some of the spots where I can indulge both passions!”


Cash’s culinary adventures have included Spain. (Photo by Carol Gruen)

That’s not to say Cash doesn’t go off the grid sometimes. He’s taken road trips west to the National Parks and north into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where presumably before leaving for both of those destinations he carefully packed his own wine and cigars. He has lived in Los Angeles and Houston and can now spy the Chicago skyline, cigar in hand, from his New Buffalo, Michigan home on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. 


James Cash Mexico
Cash spends part of each year in Mexico. (Photo by Carol Gruen)


James Cash Machu Pichu
Cash valued a Machu Pichu trip with his wife Carol Gruen. (Photo by Carol Gruen)

Toy Chest Components

Grown men enjoy Cash’s latest product with the excitement of unwrapping a new toy. Spanish Cedar access panels protect the working Boveda humidification elements of the Revel Cigar Lovers Gift Box, which are monitored by the hygrometer and enhanced by the chamfered edge and enhanced gasket seal around the perimeter. 25 Churchill, Corona or Robusto-style cigars can be carried alongside the Colibri cutter and torch lighter come with the case and are displayed next to the JA Henckels Classic Corkscrew.

The bottle cradle can hold whiskey or wine and the glassware section is suitable for rocks glasses or stemmed wine glasses. Inquiries about ordering a box, which can also be tastefully customized with an emblazoned logo, can be made at, where one can also virtually explore Revel’s world of wine cellars.


Revel Cellar cigar box
The beautiful box appears to smile, as will it’s recipients. (Photo by Harrison Shiels)


Revel Cellar cigar box
A trip inside…(Photo by Harrison Shiels)


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