Traveling with a passport photo, bus ticket , and camera. Photo by Unsplash Plus and Andrej Lisakov

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Many travelers consider documentation an essential part of their trips, with most understanding the importance of taking photos and videos while traveling.

Some of the most common reasons include capturing memories, having photos to share with loved ones, and expressing appreciation for the picturesque locations encountered during travels.

In line with this, many travelers look for the latest technological updates and developments that would make it easier to capture meaningful sights and memories while on the go. Recently, one of the most exciting emerging technologies that has potential in the travel documentation arena is smart glasses.

Times Square, New York, United States. Photo by Luca Bravo, Unsplash
Times Square, New York, United States. Photo by Luca Bravo, Unsplash

Understanding Smart Glasses

Eyewear is a practical accessory that is always evolving. From being purely functional, contemporary eyeglasses and sunglasses marry fashion and user behavior, too. To illustrate, some of the most popular eyewear trends today consider the fashion industry and consumer demands.

Minimalist frames recently became the topic of discussion for eyewear as more consumers gravitated towards the “old money” aesthetic. Similarly, eyewear pieces are being made from eco-friendly materials since more people are becoming conscious of sustainability.

In line with this, another growing eyewear trend is concerned with smart glasses, as consumers embrace wearable tech. As a result, tech giants like Google, Meta, Razer, Vuzix, and Lenovo emphasized their innovations for the accessory.

Most smart glasses on the market feature cameras, audio, and other wireless features merged with stylish frame designs. Since these are helpful tools in documentation, travelers benefit greatly from smart glasses, and their compact size makes it easy to bring them alongside other essential travel pieces.

With this, here are a few specific ways smart glasses are changing the ways you can document your travels.

How Smart Glasses Are Changing Travel Documentation

Hands-Free Photo and Video-Taking

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Smart glasses have cameras built into the frames, and this provides wearers with a convenient, hands-free experience when documenting their travels. This removes the stress and hassle of finding the right angle when capturing content.

Additionally, the glasses create a unique first-person perspective when recording travel moments that a smartphone or regular camera can’t replicate.

For instance, the Vuzix Blade 2 Smart Glasses have an 8-megapixel HD camera that can autofocus when taking photos or videos. This not only makes it easier to document on-the-go, but you won’t need to make manual adjustments to capture the perfect moment on your travels.

These glasses also have full UV protection lenses that provide protection for your eyes against harsh light in bright environments, so you won’t have to sacrifice utility with tech functions, as the glasses can do both simultaneously.

Quality Microphone for Videos

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Besides high-quality cameras, smart glasses also have microphones built-in. Some microphones were included to enable wearers to take calls easily from their glasses, while other brands incorporated quality mics to help enhance videos.

After all, sound quality is as important as image quality, as this can compromise the content being captured in a video and disrupt audience engagement.

Travel vloggers can benefit greatly from accessories like the Carrera Smart Glasses, as a pair houses dual beamforming microphones and speakers in the temples. This ensures that the mic can capture softer sounds and easily pick up your voice when recording while tuning out most background noise.

Even non-vloggers can take advantage of this and easily record travel videos to show family and friends back home.

Seamless Sharing to Online Platforms

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If you’re someone who documents their travels because you like sharing them on social media, smart glasses have also made this easier to achieve. Take the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, which offer the seamless sharing of content from glasses to social media platforms without needing to take out your phone.

Additionally, the glasses have livestream features that make it easy to record moments and share them online immediately. Not only is this convenient for posting content, but it helps keep you connected and updated during your travels, even if you’re not using a smartphone.

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