A room at Night Hotel in New York City. Photo courtesy of As You Stay
A room at Night Hotel in New York City. Photo courtesy of As You Stay
A room at Night Hotel in New York City. Photo courtesy of As You Stay

Anytime Check-in Check-out

The As You Stay App is a hotel booking service that finds hotels that let you check-in and check-out anytime based on your schedule. I interviewed Ofer Helfman, CEO and co-founder of As You Stay to see what it’s all about. Here’s what he had to say.

Why did you start As You Stay?

Our vision is that reservations should be according to the traveler’s time, not hotel times. Our app makes hotels provide travelers with anytime check-in check-out which make more sense than the current traditional system that offers zero flexibility. At the same time, we can help hotels increase their revenue and reduce operation costs, thus working more efficiently.

Is this the only booking app of its kind?

So far, yes. Some other new companies start offering fraction stays, by the hour, but nothing with a full Pay As You Stay model. I welcome more companies to join and make that change.

What’s wrong with conventional check-in check-out times?

A good check-in/out time is whatever the customer needs/wants and not what is convenient for the hotel. Can you imagine if restaurants started to serve dinner only at 8 p.m. because the chef prefers to cook just for that time? Look at car rentals. They let you pick up cars 24 hours a day for many years.

We try to solve all of this. it’s new, it’s different. Travelers love us; reviews are fantastic. We are confident we will keep growing.

What scenarios are a good fit for As You Stay?

  • Travelers on red-eye flights will enjoy early morning check-in.
  • Late night arrivals will save money on less hours per stay.
  • On a road trip when you need just a place to sleep—come late, leave early. There’s no need to pay full price.
  • Business travelers will appreciate having a room as late or as early as possible to shower, work, and not to interrupt their busy work day.

How many hours in advance can guests make a reservation?

At the moment we are avilable for as many as 120 hours in advance and as few as one hour; soon we will be expanding to as many as 30 days.

How much can guests save with the app?

More than 60 percent with just few hours of stay.

Best Western Plus at La Guardia airport. Photo courtesy of As You Stay
Best Western Plus at La Guardia airport. Photo courtesy of As You Stay

What hotel chains accept the app?

So far, As You Stay has partnered with independently owned hotels and the following chains: Marriott, Carlson, Choice, IHG, Cassa and Hilton. Look for more hotels and locations soon.

Can guests use hotel reward points when they make a reservation?

Not yet.

Does the app have a rewards program?

Yes, customers can earn $25 off while sharing our app; free hours bonuses coming soon.

Where can travelers use the app?

Currently, we are only in the U.S. Besides New York, there’s Long Island; Miami; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; Washington, DC; Boston; Philadelphia; Grapevine, TX; Stamford and West Haven CT; and Parsippany and Newark, NJ. We are working on getting more hotels in more areas.

How does the app work?

The app is easy to use. First, choose your location. Then set your check-in and check-out times. Click on the number of people (1 or 2). Then click on “Find Hotels.”

As You Stay App

(Here’s what I found for an 8-hour stay (11 p.m.-7 a.m) for two in New York City’s Theatre District at Night Hotel. With the app, it’s $92; Orbitz lists one night for $129. Best Western Plus at La Guardia Airport is $84 on the app; it’s $99 on the website. So there are savings.)

How can readers get the app?

The app is free and available for IOS users on the App Store and Android users on Google Play. Or sign up at this link. You can receive a $25 credit on your first reservation if you use the promo code “Claudia’s blog.”

I have no doubt that in 3-5 years, time travelers won’t believe that hotels used to restrict check-in/out times the same way Uber looks pretty normal today as a tool of transportation. — Ofer Helfman

For more information, visit asyoustay.com

Claudia Carbone is an award-winning travel writer based in Denver. Read about other hotels she’s visited in Sleepin’ Around, a hotel and travel blog






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