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Planning a trip can be a challenging and time-consuming process. But a trip to Indonesia is worth the preparation! If you’ve been wondering how you’ll be spending your vacation in Indonesia, do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking to simply explore the mesmerizing beaches, or to book a luxury Indonesian cruise, we’ll guide you as to which islands you can visit to get the most out of your journey.

In this article, we’ll discuss the essentials of traveling to Indonesia, booking your trip, tips to prepare, and the highlights of your luxury cruise itinerary. 

What Do You Need to Know?

When planning your trip to Indonesia, it’s important to decide on the type of itinerary and consider all of your options. If you choose one of the Indonesia cruises, and travel first-class on a luxury one, make sure you go through the schedule, emphasize your preferences, and choose the one that suits your needs.

You could also book a land trip, and then can book a boat tour during the day for your water time. While in the long run, a cruise is ultimately safer, and allows a wider itinerary, both afford you the opportunity to visit remote locations and participate in activities like snorkeling, swimming with the sea life, visiting villages and remote islands, and go on expeditions.

Woman standing at top of a hill. Photo by Unsplash
Woman standing at top of a hill. Photo by Unsplash

Islands You Need to Visit

The magic of Indonesia can be best seen and experienced by visiting the islands that make up the beauty of this archipelago. There are more than 17,000 islands scattered throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The region consists of 750,00 miles of area and is the largest island country in the world.

Here are the islands you can visit during your luxury cruise trip:


If you go to Indonesia and you don’t visit Bali, it’s like you’ve never been there. Bali is the synonym for your Indonesian trip, regardless if you are traveling via a luxurious cruise or via a simple boat tour.

The idyllic Indonesian beaches are the landmark of Bali which makes the island a paradise on Earth. Millions of tourists visit Bali each year, finding their peace and relaxation at some of the most unique places in the world.

Komodo Islands

The Komodo Islands are famous for the Komodo Dragon, a lizard that’s closest to the dinosaur descendants. It’s a typical creature that is living in Indonesia and has itself become a famous tourist attraction. Besides the Komodo Dragon, you can visit rainforests, savannahs, volcanoes, and white sandy beaches.

While snorkeling, you’ll get to see the sea life and swim with manta rays in the depths of the Indian Ocean. The locals often call Indonesia the Indonesian Jurassic Park, and for a reason.


Java is an Indonesian island that’s getting in popularity in the last decade due to its volcanic landscapes, fantastic temples, and scenic views. It’s extremely popular among backpackers and hikers on a budget since it’s cheap to travel there.

Java highlights are the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, the rainbow village in the heart of Malang city – it’s a colorful village in rainbow colors that can be seen from afar, visit the tea fields in Bandung, etc. If you get bored of the sights and want to relax, Mount Bromo is the perfect place to witness a sunrise.

Village on the water. Photo by Unsplash
Village on the water. Photo by Unsplash

Why You Should Book a Luxury Cruise?

There are many reasons to book a luxury cruise. It provides a unique experience so you can have the best vacation of your life! Perks of a luxury cruise include flexible dining, customized service, all-suite accommodation, a more intimate experience, and the elegance of traveling all-inclusive.

Things You Need to Consider

Before booking your trip, it’s important to consider additional items on your checklist, for example:

  • You need to decide which activities to incorporate into your luxury cruise itinerary
  • Choose the departing port and the destination of your flight
  • Book shore trips and excursions

What To Expect?

Since this guide focuses on what to expect on a luxury cruise and what to consider when visiting Indonesia, here are the highlights of a luxury cruise:

  • You’ll have room service 24/7
  • You’ll be served food at least twice per day
  • Stewards and butlers will be there to assist all of your needs – from opening the door of your cabin to sipping you a cocktail
  • Included gratuities
  • A diverse menu of specialties – you’ll be given a sheet with preferences so you can check your dietary needs, from how you like your eggs boiled to which foods to include in your dishes

Learn More

Booking a luxury cruise to Indonesia is perfect if you want to experience the magic of the Indonesian culture the right way. And if you want to learn more regarding luxury Indonesian cruises, traveling tips, and packing advice visit our blog.

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