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Do you have friends or family members whose wanderlust knows no bounds, constantly embarking on adventures? Those who prioritize enriching experiences over material possessions?

If so, you can elevate their travel experiences with thoughtful gifts that can enhance the ease and enjoyment of their journeys. If you’re on the hunt for the ideal present for your globe-trotting loved ones, read on for our holiday gift guide for travelers.


First and foremost, every traveler needs sturdy, reliable luggage. If you’ve noticed they’ve been using the same ratty suitcase for years or have a backpack that needs updating, luggage can be a great gift. Luggage organizers such as packing cubes, jewelry boxes, or toiletry bags are great ideas as well.


I currently have the Travelpro Maxlite Suitcase and it has lasted me for over five years. It’s durable, compact yet expandable, and has great mobility thanks to its light design and four spinner wheels. Whether it gets hurled onto conveyor belts, dragged through gravel, or overpacked with a vengeance, this suitcase can survive it all with no damage.

Backpacks & Duffels

I own Winspansy’s Large Travel Backpack and it was one of the best bag purchases I’ve ever made. This trusty backpack held everything I needed for a 10-day trip through Edinburgh and Paris. This included four pairs of pants, five shirts, a sweatshirt, a cardigan, an extra pair of shoes, socks and underwear, all my toiletries, my laptop and my Electronic Organizer. Pretty impressive, right?

I think the best part about this backpack is the truly thoughtful design. The main compartment unzips completely open like a mini suitcase. There is a waterproof compartment at the front for toiletries or wet swimsuits, a laptop compartment at the back, a shoe compartment at the bottom, and many other little pockets throughout the whole bag. The one I bought also came with a little toiletry bag which was the perfect size for a short trip.


I currently have BAGSMART’s compression packing cubes which have exceeded my expectations. Packing cubes are not only a great way to stay organized but they also save a lot of room. Three packing cubes fit in my Travelpro Suitcase on my last trip, divided into pants, shirts, and sweaters/bulkier items.

Before trying out BAGSMART’s Toiletry Bag, I relied on a very average makeup bag. It did the job but I upgraded after I had enough of digging endlessly to find what I needed. BAGSMART’s Toiletry Bag fit exceptionally more than my old bag but still took up the same amount of space. It is water resistant, has two main sections with organizers and pockets, and two outer sections for smaller items.

Travel Clothing & Accessories

Travelers have to be rather selective about the clothing they choose to bring due to limited space. Some tend to be heavy packers but for those that move a lot and need to pack light, there are some great options for clothing specific for travel. The criteria include items that are wrinkle-resistant and packable, comfortable, and stylish enough to wear in multiple ways. Here are our top picks for travel clothing for both men and women.

Men’s Clothing & Accessories

See Our full Men’s Travel Clothing List

Travel Gadgets

Travel tech gadgets make exceptional gifts for travelers with the power to enhance their overall travel experience. From versatile electronic devices to innovative accessories, these gadgets not only cater to various needs but also add an extra layer of convenience and enjoyment to any journey.

My favorite tech gadget for travel is the Kindle. I have an older generation that has lasted over five years, and it still works very well. The latest addition boasts 10 weeks of battery life, a bigger display, and can store thousands of books. It’s easy on the eyes and supports audiobooks with a headphone jack. It is also built to handle accidental water immersion, so read by the pool all you’d like.

Another incredible tech gadget that feels like it is straight out of the future is the Timekettle Simultaneous Translator. These translator earbuds are compact and look just like normal earbuds. They provide 2-way simultaneous translation and are 100% hands-free. It supports up to 6-person bilingual translation and supports 40 online and 13 offline languages. Timekettle also has a Mini Handheld Translator Device that shows instant translation written out on the screen.

Travel Decor

Another great gift idea for travelers is travel decor. As an avid traveler myself, I love filling my space with reminders of this big beautiful world, decor that inspires me to plan my next trip. Below are our favorite picks for travel decor.

I hope this holiday gift guide inspires travel gift ideas for your adventure-having loved ones. Whether it’s a tech gadget to make their trips a breeze or something unique that adds a personal touch, fingers crossed you find the perfect gifts that scream, “Adventure awaits!”

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