Enjoy These Beautiful Drone Views of Edinburgh

George IV statue in Edinbrugh
George IV was the first British monarch to visit Scotland, in 1922

I just returned from my first visit to Edinburgh, Scotland and had the chance to get some beautiful drone shots of the city and its landmarks. The Scottish capital is an easy six and a half hour flight from Chicago, via United’s seasonal direct service, and is like a historic and foodie amusement park. Edinburgh’s compact, walkable size, combined with its concentration of historic buildings, cool bars and restaurants, museums and public festivals, means there is tons to do and no need for a car.

Edinburgh drone view
A view of Edinburgh Castle, with the facade of the Waldorf Astoria The Caledonian on the right

Here’s a video I edited together showing some of the amazing drone footage (with my Yuneec Typhoon H) I shot of Edinburgh. The first part shows the city’s best-known, and most imposing landmark, Edinburgh Castle. Aside from filming it, I took the very cool and educational walking tour of the structure and the museums therein. Next is a look at St. Cuthbert’s church, a beautiful, historic building (built in 1866) tucked away in the castle gardens, partially hidden behind a more modern church on Lothian Road. After the church is some footage I filmed in the Meadows, one of Edinburgh’s large public parks. You’ll also see Bruntsfield Links, believed (by many cab drivers) to be Scotland’s first formal golf course. After that it’s on to George Street for a look at another church, St Andrew’s and St. George’s West church built in 1784.

Drone view of Edinburgh Castle
A drone view of Edinburgh Castle

Next we have some footage of the seemingly Dutch-inspired facade and building of the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh The Caledonian, where I stayed. As I pan around, you can see Edinburgh Castle on the hill. I spent a week at the luxury hotel and enjoyed being right in the heart of the city. One morning we enjoyed the Caley’s (the hotel has always been known as ‘The Caley’) Quintessentially Scottish Breakfast, served with postcard views of the castle. And yes, I had the haggis.

Quintessentially Scottish Breakfast
My Quintessentially Scottish Breakfast at the Caley

After the Waldorf, there’s a drone look at the statue of George IV on George Street, which was named for the monarch in honor of his visit to the city in 1822, the first by a British king. That leads us to a look at the Principal Edinburgh George Street hotel and its classical facade. As the drone rises up over the building, you can see the epic sea views afforded to its rooms and suites on the rear side. Finally, we have a look at the hotel’s elegant ballroom, formerly the ornate lobby of the insurance company which built the building in 1880. After the Waldorf, I spent a few nights at this luxury boutique hotel, part of which is made up of five listed Georgian townhouses. Aside from the luxurious accommodations, it’s right in the heart of George Street, one of Edinburgh’s hottest nightlife and dining destinations.

George Street in Edinburgh
An early morning view of George Street

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