Climbing Mount Everest. Phot by FLickr/jarikir

Have you ever wondered if you had what it takes to conquer the top of the world? Climbing to the summit of Mount Everest sounds exciting – and it just may be the sort of challenge you’re looking for. But are you physically and psychologically ready? Our infographic provides some insight into the preparations that need to be considered before you depart on this challenge of a lifetime.

Consider all the positives, and then take steps to improve your physical and mental strength. Sseek and heed advice from experts to prepare your body and mind.

Climbing Mount Everest is never easy. It will take determination and courage to embark on such an ambitious feat. However, with careful planning, you can be ready to begin this life-changing journey to climb Mount Everest. You may just feel as if you’ve conquered the top of the world.

How to get ready to climb Mount Everest.

A special thanks for this info from the experts at Winfields Outdoors UK

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