Where to find cheap airport parking

Where to find cheap airport parkingOne of the biggest headaches before traveling is figuring out how to get to the airport. Friends or family members driving you can be unreliable. A ride share might get lost. And airport parking is too expensive. Or is it?

Presented by TravelCarOur friends at TravelCar, the global leader in airport parking solutions for travelers, know that travel to the airport can be hectic, but they also know it doesn’t have to be. Travelers can stress less and save money when they pre-book airport parking with them via their app or website. We asked them to share some of their top deals with us. Here’s what we found out.


Departing from the Windy City? There’s a deal for that! TravelCar offers a great rate of $10.25 with its partner at O’Hare. Like all of TravelCar’s partners, this includes free shuttle to your terminal as well as a secure and monitored lot to park your car. Midway more your style? No problem. Special rate of $12.99 per day gets you close to the airport with free shuttle service to the terminal and 24 hour security monitoring and video surveillance.


If you’re flying out of LAX, on-site parking at the airport lots can run you about $50 a day. If you park outside the airport property, you’re likely to find better rates, but some can still be as much as $25 a day. TravelCar has a partner who offers airport parking as low as $12.95 a day. This includes a free shuttle to your terminal and your car is parked in a gated, secure and monitored lot.


A lot of people in and around New York City don’t have a car so airport parking never comes to mind. But if you’re one of the luck people to have a car (and a parking spot for it), how about airport parking at JFK for as low as $6.99 a day? This is an unheard of rate and also includes shuttle service which runs 24/7 so no matter the time you land, you can always pick up your car. That’ll have a lot of New Yorkers saying “I love New York!”

Airport parking deals at Heathrow AirportLONDON HEATHROW AIRPORT

For travelers across the pond, TravelCar has deals as low as £6 a day that will get you a free ride to the airport from the lot with your car parked in a secure lot monitored 24 hours a day. But if you’ve got an extra £2, try their Meet and Greet service partners. For just two pounds a day more, a driver will meet you and your car at your terminal drop-off area. After helping to unload your luggage, the driver will take your car to a secure lot. Upon your return, call the driver after collecting your luggage, and they’ll bring your car to you at your arrival terminal. Now how’s that for being treated like royalty?

With parking offers in more than 60 countries around the world, Travelcar is bound to have a deal for you. Check them out at travelcar.com

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