If you’re planning a trip to India and wish you to do something unique, apart from the regular touristy stuff, then read further to learn about 13 unique things that you can do in India.

“To other countries, I may visit as a tourist,

But to India, I come as a pilgrim”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Every time you visit India, you will witness something new. No matter how much you explore this vast country, there is still something that you haven’t seen or done before. India is home to a number of cultures, festivals, monuments, and features that will make your trip truly magical.

The constant honks from traffic, bustling fragrance of the spices, prayer ceremonies at the temple, the cawing of the crows, and the chaotic hustle of this country might turn you off at first, but as you move inwards you will fall in love with all the madness.

Apart from Taj Mahal, Lal Quila, and the Jama Masjid, there are a variety of things to experience that usually go unnoticed. If you’re the one who wishes to do things in a different style, then this article is perfect for you.

We will discuss some unique things to do in India that will help us rediscover this spectacular country and help create a new perspective about tourism in India. 

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1. Try the Famous Parathas in Chandani Chowk, Delhi

The famous Delhi gate in India
The famous Delhi gate in India

India is a paradise for food lovers with spicy curries, sizzling pakoras, cutting chai, and whatnot. If you’re looking for something on the same lines, then you must visit the Parathe wali Gali in Delhi’s heart, Chandni Chowk. 

The unique stuffed parathas served here, are a heavenly treat and you will surely crave more after trying one.

This lane has a handful of famous eateries that use special potato and vegetable fillings to make a special flatbread that we call paratha. Most of the eateries are almost 100 years old and still carry their authentic taste and cultural vibe.

2. Volunteer at Animal Aid Unlimited, Udaipur

Udaipur is the city of palaces and there are plenty of places to visit here. Animal Aid Unlimited might not be a popular destination, but you can visit this rescue center cum hospital for animals.

You will find different animals including dogs, cows, monkeys, goats, pigs, and lots more, who have received special care, treatment, and love from a wonderful team of vets and volunteers.

This place will genuinely restore your faith in humanity. You will want to sit here and play with the loving animals while discovering the hearty side of this country. 

3. Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

The exquisite setting of nature in Himalay Pradesh
The exquisite nature in Himalay Pradesh

Feel the true spirit of Himalayan adventure with trekking tours in Himachal Pradesh and witness the exquisite setting of nature. The Kinnaur-Lahaul-Spiti loop is the easiest and the most stunning route that begins in Shimla and ends in Manali.

The quaint trail is decorated with beautiful villages, mountain views, monasteries, and nature’s extreme beauty. This trek in the wilderness might just turn out to be the most memorable event of your holiday.

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4. Visit Jolly Music House, Varanasi

The beautiful view of sunset at Varanasi, India
Sunset at Varanasi, India

Varanasi might be a 3,800-year-old city, but its roughness and intensity might make you fall in love with this place. You will witness various religious ceremonies taking place at the riverside, along with shimmering temples, and ancient markets, all in one destination.

The Jolly Music House in Bengali Tola is a less visited place, but you will be amazed to see the talented musicians here, who offer music courses on various traditional Indian instruments. If you talk to them nicely, they might arrange a public session for you in the evening and display their fine music skills.

5. Witness the Medieval City of Orchha

If you wish to spend time in a slow-paced city amidst the medieval trance, then Orchha is the perfect place to be. With stunning temples, forts, and palaces, this city will take you back to medieval times.

Various palace styled resorts offer luxurious accommodation facilities that will make you feel like a king!

6. Watch a Movie at Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur

Tourists are roaming around in beautiful Jaipur
Tourists in Jaipur

The Raj Mandir Cinema is one of India’s renowned movie studios that opened in 1976. With classic art décor, Bollywood inspired architecture, pastel colors, comfortable seats, and a lively ambiance, this theater is a must-visit.

People book their tickets week in advance to attend the premiere of their favorite movies and you should too!

7. The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Night View of the amazing Golden Temple, Amritsar

The Golden Temple might be a pilgrimage for Sikhs, but you will find people from all backgrounds in this exquisite and holy place.

You will be stunned to witness the shimmering temple located at the center of a lake and nurturing ambiance. Be sure to visit the dining area and try the spectacular ‘langar’ or holy food that fills the stomach of at least 100k people a day.

8. Relax at the Palolem Beach, Goa

Enjoy your relax time in Goa, India
Enjoy your relaxation time in Goa, India

Get the perfect Indian coastal vibes at the Palolem beach in Goa and immerse in the low-key, yet beautiful setting. Spend idyllic time under the shade of palm trees or find yourself a hammock and sip your favorite drink amidst the laid-back atmosphere.

There are various shacks in the vicinity that serve superb seafood, ice-creams, snacks, shakes, etc that are worth a try. Goa is also a spectacular place for yoga teacher training in India and to get in touch with your spiritual side.

9. Dine at the Natraj Dining Hall, Udaipur

The natural beauty of Udaipur, India
The natural beauty of Udaipur, India

This is a well-known place in Udaipur, popular for its authentic and traditional thalis. Located in the Bapu Bazaar, this restaurant serves a platter with a variety of Indian curries, breads, chutneys, and much more.

Natraj Dining hall doesn’t work on an a-la-carte basis, and the visitors will have to whatever the restaurant has decided for the day’s menu. The best part is- it’s all you can eat and costs INR 120 only.

10. Visit the Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur

This stunningly quiet Temple is located in Ranakpur that dates back to the 15th century. This world-famous Jain Temple is surrounded by a little forest and stands on more than 1,400 pillars that have been carved intricately.

The courtyard of the temple almost resembles a maze and we recommend taking an audio guide as you walk through the noiseless corridors of this amazing place.

11. Witness the 1,200-year-old Water Tank, Abhaneri

Chand Baori Stepwell is India’s largest ancient water tank that was constructed in the 8000 BCE. With a precise maze-like shape, intricate detailing, statues of god and other religious significance, this impressive piece of architecture will leave you speechless.

It is located in the dusty village of Abhaneri, around 10km from the Agra-Jaipur Highway.

12. Capture the impressive sight of Akshardham, Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull on a visit to the Akshardham Temple in New Delhi

Situated near the Yamuna River, the Akshardham temple is a huge cultural complex with a massive temple inside. Thousands of Indian artisans worked together to carve this impressive and detailed structure.

Get the perfect hint of Hinduism with ceiling-high pillars, domed ceilings, and intricate designs of this holy temple. Visitors often come here an hour before the sunlight to capture the mesmeric view of the temple.

13. Visit Kukki’s Cave Paintings, Bundi

Kukki is a small place located right outside the beautiful town of Bundi, Rajasthan that will take you 15,000 years back. This impressive location has multiple caves with paintings, ancient artifacts, structures, and monuments that will give you an idea about this place’s history.

These unique experiences will show you what regular travelers usually miss and make you fall in love with this spectacular country.

Author Bio: Bipin Baloni is a passionate yogi, yoga teacher and traveler of India. He is currently working with Rishikul Yogshala. Being a strong devotee of yoga, he is strongly inclined towards the Health & Wellness sector and writes informative and qualitative articles and blogs.   


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