Back to the Future in Mineral de Pozos, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende. Photo by Flickr/Jiuguang Wang
San Miguel de Allende. Photo by Flickr/Jiuguang Wang

Do you need a place to hide out? Are you running from the law or a screwed-up life?  I stumbled upon a high desert Mexican ghost town where anonymity can be bought for a few pesos and a bottle of tequila; where you can let your hair down or do it up in dreadlocks; where you can blend in with new age hippies or older ‘want-to be’ versions.

Living as expats in easygoing Chapala, Mexico works wonders to reduce the frenzy of everyday life, but at times, we still crave posh restaurants, high-end watering holes, classy art galleries and designer home furnishings. Spending a few days in San Miguel de Allende, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, and awarded the 2013 Best City in the World by Conde’ Nast Traveler, quenched our upscale thirst.

We chose the boutique bed and breakfast, ‘La Mansion del Bosque’– The Inn by the Park- for our get-away quarters. Located three blocks from San Miguel’s Central Plaza and steps from the well-manicured San Miguel Park, our second floor suite overlooked the garden, and intricate nooks and crannies hid the rooms that meandered inside the terra-cotta hued walls. It provided the perfect backdrop for our ‘opulence gig.’ (

At breakfast on the second day, we overheard a fellow ‘Inn Mate’ describe an intriguing exploit. A California gal revealed that a secret, ancient indigenous ceremony was being re-enacted that day in Mineral de Pozos, one hour from San Miguel. Apparently, so hush, hush was this event that she whispered the tidbits she shared. She had hired a guide to take her and her friends. Her final murmur, “only a privileged few know about it.”

Fascinated by the hunt, the four of us traveling together quickly excused ourselves, did a cursory internet research of Mineral de Pozos, threw off our upscale clothes, donned our adventure jeans and headed out in search of this clandestine happening.

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