The Timeshare Promotion: Just another Cheap Trip?


No credit check, no hassles. Just sign on the line. When presented in those terms, my check-writing hand started to twitch.

“But how?” I asked. Bill circled an inconspicuous figure on the sample contract before us. It said: “Fixed APR: 17.9%.” My hand immediately stopped twitching.

Bill once again leaned in to impart another piece of privileged information, but this time the probing was over; he had become human again. “We’re not interested so much in this,” he said, as he pointed to a picture of the condo. “We really only care about this,” and he pointed back to the “17.9%” figure on the contract.

It was time for my Charlton Heston–Soylent Green moment: “You mean … this resort is … nothing more … than a sub-prime lender?” I gasped.

The Terminator leaned back, gave us a wink and a smile, and said “You folks enjoy the rest of your stay. Don’t forget about my special deal. Now if you’ll excuse me — my manager will be over in just a minute.”

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