The Pearl of Budapest, Hungary: The Lake of City Park

The lake turns into an ice rink in the winter.
Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest, Hungary. Photo by Flickr/RachelH_

Are you ready to explore a real treasure? If you’re in the mood for a mix of romance and mystery, look no further than  City Park in Budapest, Hungary. This 200-year-old patch of land is home to an enchanting castle, a boating lake, museums, a well-kept green area and a scattering of fantastic restaurants.

City Park is easily accessible from many directions. By public transport, the easiest way to get there  is via the Heroes’ square stop on metro line 1. As soon as you emerge from the station, you’ll know you’re in the right place.. City Park was created with this exact aim in mind. It was designed so that anyone in need of a quick break in an enchantingly romantic and gorgeous open space may be able to find just that at the drop of a hat.

The most romantic patch in the heart of Budapest

City Park has seen its strengths grow in the last 200 years. Its willows and plane trees, shaded walks, grand museums and buildings are sure to enchant visitors with a unique side of the Hungarian capital, as they have done entire generations in their 200-year history; the sense of romantic enchantment that suffuses the air here is almost palpable. It would be a crime not to immerse yourself in it.

You’ll be pushed to find another place on earth packed with somuch beauty. City Park is home to Vajdahunyad Castle, a large ice rink in winter that becomes a boating lake in summer with an imposing building along its side. The entire patch is surrounded by ancient trees, which effectively turns it into an island of sorts.

If you fancy a bite to eat you have plenty of options, whether you’re in the mood for something quick and trendy or leisurely and romantic.

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