The All-American Family Road Trip

The Family Road Trip
Author (on bike) with her siblings in 1984. The family van in the photo hauled the family of 10 all over the country.

You don’t have to fly hundreds of miles or spend a great deal of money to have a memorable travel experience. In fact, some of my favorite childhood vacations required only a car and a tank of gas.

When I was a kid, my family rarely ventured beyond our state’s borders. After all, when you have a family of 10, it’s no easy task to travel anywhere. But each time my parents bravely loaded up the family van and we headed out onto the open road, we had an unforgettable time — regardless of whether we were visiting farmer friends in Kansas or trekking across miles of empty Californian desert.

Yes, my siblings and I drove our parents crazy arguing over where we wanted to sit and what music we would listen to. We complained as hours of endless prairie passed by, and crowded into tiny hotel rooms across mid-western America. Yet inside, we relished the adventure, wondering what lay ahead.

My parents always seemed more relaxed on those trips, and I loved spending the extra time with them. These rare, treasured moments away from jobs and obligations allowed us to concentrate on the more important things in life, like simply being together. Family vacations were a treasured part of my childhood — and I know I’m not alone. For many, such vacations are a rite of childhood passage.

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We cover more than 15 travel destinations in this issue of Go World Travel magazine. And more than anything, we hope they inspire you to hit the open road.

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Happy Travels!

Janna Graber, Managing Editor

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