Big Arctic 5: What to See & Do in Greenland


1First Stop in Greenland: Dogsledding

Dog sledding in Greenland is a necessity for locals, and a popular activity for tourists too. Photo by Visit Greenland

It may be far from the beaten track, but for those seeking a unique adventure, Greenland is well-worth the trip. This one-of-a-kind destination located in the far north between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans is home to some 56,000 residents. A visit to Greenland offers insight into a unique way of life and a journey filled with adventure. Here are the top five things to do when you visit Greenland.

No matter how long you are in Greenland, it is impossible to see everything that the island has to offer. The safest way to make sure you experience the ultimate that Greenland has to offer is to go for the Big Arctic Five.  This term refers to the five absolute must-see attractions of Greenland: dog sledding, the northern lights, the ice, the people and the whales. These are all absolute musts and you haven’t experienced Greenland fully if you haven’t experienced at least two or three of these and preferably all five.

In Greenland, dog sledding isn’t just a fun activity for both natives and tourists, it is in fact a necessary form of transportation. Greenland doesn’t have a lot of roads, so most transportation is off-road across the ice, and here a dog sled or snowmobile becomes a necessity of life. But the dog sled’s necessity for the natives doesn’t make the dog sled rides any less enjoyable for the tourists!

On a dog sled, you can experience both the unique Greenlandic nature, the Inuit culture and the adventure of doing something physically challenging — especially if you try controlling the sled yourself. You’re completely surrounded by ice, snow and the sky, and will seldom see animals, houses or other people. It is a truly outstanding experience and you’ll feel like the only person in the great white world!