Bluetti Solar Panels. Photo by Benjamin Rader

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Getting away from it all sounds wonderful, but remote travel has its challenges. One constant challenge is the question of power. How will you keep your phone batteries charged? Is there a way to power your camper’s lights or keep your food cool?

Solar Power on the Go

We recently tested the Bluetti EB70S power station and PV200 solar panels and found it a reasonably priced and effective solution to off-the-grid power needs.

Whether you’re embarking on a remote camping trip, setting out on a road trip, or simply seeking an eco-friendly way to stay connected while traveling, the Bluetti power station and solar panels provide a reliable and convenient source of renewable energy.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional power sources and discover a new level of energy independence that enables you to explore the world with confidence and sustainability.

Bluetti Solar Panel System. Photo by Benjamin Rader
Bluetti Solar Panel System. Photo by Benjamin Rader

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Bluetti EB70S Power Station Specs

Weighing in at 21.5 pounds and as small as a sack of potatoes, you can lift the power station with just one hand to wherever you may need it. Charging the battery takes between 3-4 hours via 200W solar panels or an AC wall outlet, or 7-8 hours via a 12V car port. We find ourselves opting for the solar charge option with the PV200 solar array from Bluetti. A great feature is the ability to use the EB70S power station while charging.

PV200 Solar Panels

The PV200 solar panels are the perfect size to take on the go or setup in the backyard before we head out. Weighing just 16 pounds, they are easy for anyone to set up, even those small, power-hungry users.

Unfolded they are about 7.5 feet long with easy foldout foot flaps with snaps and a convenient marking for 45 degrees to maximize your solar production. Rated at IP65, the panels are water resistant. They don’t recommend placing them out in rain or snow. The connector is MC4 which means they will also work with other battery systems using this same connection.

When using or charging via solar, Bluetti recommends keeping the EB70S power station out of direct sunlight. This is easy to do as the connection cable is 12 feet long between the solar panels and the power station.

Solar Panels with Controller. Photo by Benjamin Rader
Solar Panels with Controller. Photo by Benjamin Rader

You’ll hear a small fan turn on during charging or when you are pulling a lot of watts to keep the battery system cooled and prolong the life of the unit.

The power station uses an ultra-stable LiFeP04 battery chemistry which allows the battery to be recharged more than 2500 times during its life cycle. A large 800W / 716Wh capacity means this battery can run a long time before needing a charge up.

Being a lover of all things tech, almost everything we own is rechargeable. Keeping those pieces recharged or using during a power outage or on the road has become a simple task.

We can charge our personal devices such as phones, tablets, USB flashlights and such via the two 100W PD ports (a fast-charging technology based on the USB-C standard) or the two 5V USB-A ports. Other DC ports include two regulated 12V DC 5221 ports and a cigarette lighter port.

On top of the unit is even a 15W wireless charging pad. On the AC side of things, you’ve got four AC outlets. One note is only two of the AC ports accept 3 prong plugs, so you’ll want some adapters on hand if you are a power-hungry user. One other nice feature is an LED lamp on the unit which you can use when putting things away for the night.

Putting the Bluetti EB70S to Use

The Bluetti EB70S portable power station is certainly at home on the road given its small size and large capacity in power. We’ve found it works great to plug our electric cooler into on long road trips so we don’t have to worry if the car is on or off.

With this Bluetti power station, our electric cooler will run for days before needing to be recharged. And when we do, we can charge the power station while still running the cooler and all our other home away from home amenities while on a road trip or camping in the woods.

Given so much of our world these days is based on the battery percentage of our daily use devices, the EB70S power station and PV200 solar panels offer a nice portable solution to keep us connected and on the go, both at home and in the woods.

Power Station Interface. Photo by Benjamin Rader
Power Station Interface. Photo by Benjamin Rader

Backup Emergency Home Power

My wife and I wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, so we thought, “let’s go solar.” When we got solar panels installed, we also wanted a battery backup system for the house, so we’d still be able to work or keep the essentials running if we were to ever lose power. But the price of a whole home battery system was out of our price range.

We think that the Bluetti EB70S portable power station is the perfect backup unit for home as well. It has become our go to portable battery unit and combined with the PV200 solar panels is the perfect fit, both at home and on the road.

Pricing the for Bluetti EB70S power station starts at US$519.00. The PV200 solar panels are US$449.00

You can purchase them at

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