Ritz Suite bedroom
The bedroom (Photo courtesy Ritz-Carlton)

Like many cosmopolitan cities, Singapore has offerings from all the major luxury hotel brands. I’ve visited the top five (Marina Bay Sands, Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, Raffles and InterContinental) and found they each offered a unique luxury experience, quite different from one another. The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore sits on the edge of Marina Bay, the city’s newest and most photogenic area. Created from reclaimed sea, Marina Bay is home to the world’s most expensive hotel (to build, with the property costs) the Marina Bay Sands, with its iconic three towers and surfboard-like, aircraft carrier-sized roof terrace, infinity pool and restaurant. The Ritz-Carlton faces out to sea on one side, and directly across Marina Bay on the other, with beautiful views in both directions.

Ritz Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore
Looking through the suite from the living room, through the dining room into the entertainment room (Photo courtesy Ritz-Carlton)

The Ritz-Carlton gives you those postcard views, plus tried and tested Ritz service and luxury. On-property dining is excellent and the Marina Bay Sands is home to a check-list of restaurants from international dining icons including Robuchon, Ducasse and Ramsay. Singapore’s legendary hawker food courts are only a short and inexpensive taxi (or Uber) ride away.

Here’s a tour of the Ritz-Carlton’s Ritz Suite, which offers some of the city’s best views from its perch atop the hotel. The almost-2,500 square foot suite feels more like a luxe apartment in the sky, filled with books, artwork and other personal styling touches. And when I say artwork, it’s museum-quality pieces from artists like Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst. The spacious bathroom is certainly one of the suite’s many highlights, the main attraction being a six-foot Jacuzzi spa tub, with its own large, octagonal bay window on the Bay.

Bathtub at Ritz-Carlton Singapore
It’s the place to stay if you want Marina Bay skyline views from your bathtub (Photo courtesy Ritz-Carlton)

There’s a large entrance foyer, which leads into the main living area. To the right are the spa-like bathroom and large master bedroom. To the left are the dining room and a clubby-feeling den. Centered around both the view and a 65-inch LCD TV complete with Sonos soundbar and sound system throughout the suite. Maybe have dinner in the suite’s dining room, feel free to invite nine friends to join you at the large table.

Ritz Suite entertainment room
This is the entertainment room, also with a work desk (Photo courtesy Ritz-Carlton)

The Ritz Suite comes with a range of other exclusive amenities, the most important being your own butler.

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