Historic New York City Landmarks

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New York City, with all its historical attractions, promises to be a great destination for the entire family. Therefore, you should consider putting this great destination on your travel bucket list, if you haven’t already.

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The city is packed with an array of interesting attractions, many offering an insight into New York’s historic past. Whether you are a resident of the Big Apple, a returning visitor or a first-time tourist, you can’t help but marvel at the incredible sights and experiences on offer.

Top Historic New York City Landmarks

Apollo Theatre
Apollo Theater

Apollo Theater in Harlem 

The Apollo Theater in Harlem comes up as a big name in NYC’s historical landmarks. It boasts the slogan, “Where stars are born and legends are made”. The theatre is over 100 years old and today many icons in the entertainment industry frequently perform there.

Performers like Jimi Hendrix and James Brown first made their name at the Apollo before moving on to worldwide fame.

Still today, many visitors and locals flock to the theatre regularly to be entertained by big names in the business. Additionally, the theatre stills cater to small talents during its Amateur Night. Visit this landmark on your next travel adventure and no doubt you will have a lasting memory of its history. 

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Empire State Building in Midtown West

The Empire State Building stands out as an iconic inspiration for both locals and visitors. It stands 1,454 feet tall and is a magnificent sight to behold. In 1931 it became the highest building, not only in the city of New York but in the entire world.

Inside the building are high-speed elevators that take visitors to the 86th-floor, which stands at 1,050 feet. By peering down from a specially designed glass pavilion you will have a spectacular view of the beautiful city below.

New York City Historic Landmarks Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan

Your NYC travel adventure will not be complete without a visit to the famed Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan. This bridge stands out as a landmark for many locals and visitors to the city of New York.

Its intricate architecture leaves an impression on everyone who sees it. After construction, it was finally open for public use in 1883. At that time it held the record of being the longest bridge in the world.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a mile long and offers views of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. Tourists love to visit and take pictures of this architectural attraction partly made of steel-wire cables. 

Chrysler Bulding NYC
Chrysler Building NYC

Chrysler Building on the Eastside of Manhattan

Head to the Eastside of Manhattan for a look at the iconic Chrysler Building. Before the Empire State Building was constructed, the Chrysler briefly held the title for the tallest building in the world. It is still the tallest brick building in the world with a steel framework.

This beautiful Art Deco skyscraper displays several giant eagles and gargoyles placed at strategic points adding to the interesting architectural design. In addition, there are decorative car-hood ornaments, fenders and hubcaps adorning the building as a nod to the Chrysler car company.

Cyclone at Coney Island
Cyclone at Coney Island

Coney Island Cyclone in Coney Island

The Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster is a dream come true for those who seek an adrenaline-pumping activity in New York. Although the rollercoaster is almost 100 years old, people from near come to experience the thrilling ride. Nicknamed the “Nation’s Playground” it truly is the most fun historic attraction in NYC.

The ride is fast. It covers 3,000 feet of track in less than two minutes and runs at a speed of 60 mph. Visit the Cyclone on your RV trip tour in New York and take the family along with you.

NYC Historic Landmarks Federal Hall National Memorial
Federal Hall National Memorial

Federal Hall National Memorial in Financial District

In the Financial District of New York City stands the Federal Hall National Memorial, a NYC landmark reminder of democracy in the country. It was at the original Federal Hall that George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the US.

Other historic moments on this site include the proposal and ratification of the Bill of Rights, the creation of the United States federal court system and early amendments to the constitution.

The original building was constructed between 1699 and 1703 but was demolished in 1812. What stands in this spot today is a Greek-Revival-style edifice, completed in 1842 as a U.S. Customs House.

NYC Historic Landmarks Ellis Island
Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island in Ellis Island

Elis Island stands out in many people’s minds as a refuge for immigrants that were looking for a better life. History has it that 12 million people looking for a better life fled to the island from 1892 to 1954. Here they were registered, inspected, given medical attention and even allowed a legal hearing.

Many of the immigrants arriving at Ellis Island did not speak English and so understandably there was some amount of confusion. Today, the island houses a museum in commemoration of the struggles those immigrants went through. 

The MET Cloisters
The MET Cloisters

The MET Cloisters in Washington Heights

As part of your bucket list travels in New York City, you should visit the MET Cloisters situated in Washington Heights. This museum has many artifacts that depict life back in the time of Europe in the Middle Ages. The Cloisters opened in 1938 and was designed to resemble a medieval European monastery.

It was John Rockefeller who bought and donated the land for the construction of the museum on the spot where it stands today. When there, make sure to take in the awesome view of the Hudson River, which is a never forgetting scene. 

Fort Greene Brooklyn
Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn

BLDG 92 in Fort Greene 

Fort Green’s BLDG 92 is a reminder of the bustling shipbuilding activities that went on during World War ll. During the time of the war, Building 92 employed almost 70,000 workers in its shipyard. Two massive and famous sea-worthy vessels built at the center are USS Monitor and USS Arizona.

Today, BLDG 92 has become a historic walk for many residents and visitors to the city. In addition, you can sip coffee or grab a bite at one of the outstanding eateries in the Fort Greene area. You can even host events at this historic NYC site.  

Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building NYC

Flatiron Building in Flatiron

Steer in the direction of the Flatiron region and as you tour the area make sure to take an extended pit-stop at the popular Flatiron Building. The wedge-shaped building is one of the most recognized in NYC.

It makes an appearance in almost every movie or show based in Manhattan. The building didn’t receive much love at the unveiling in 1902. However, in 1989 it was named a National Historic Landmark.

The iconic Flatiron has sat empty for some time now. But, it is finally undergoing a total interior renovation with plans to create rental apartments.

New York City attracts travelers from all over the world but with so many things to see and do the historic sights sometimes get forgotten. Next time you visit the Big Apple take some time to learn about the history of this amazing American city.

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