Caribbean Blue Waters

Wish You Were HereThe turquoise water beneath our catamaran is so clear that I can see a school of tiny purple fish circling our anchor rope at least 10 feet below the surface. The fish are surrounded by orange and green coral, and yellow sea fans wave slowly in the currents.

I’m eager to see this underwater world up close, so my family and I pull snorkel masks over our faces and plunge into the sea, diving down to explore nature’s wonder with our own eyes.

The clear, warm waters of the Bahamas are just one reason I love coming to this part of the world. It’s a place where life slows down, and the rhythm of English takes on a Caribbean lilt.

Yet, as a kid growing up in the American West, it was hard for me to believe that places like this existed. After all, when you live in the middle of a big land, where exposure to other countries and ways of life are somewhat limited, it can lead you to believe that the rest of the world is just like the one in which you grew up.

Fortunately, travel opened my eyes to other peoples and ways of thinking. And each new place and culture we discover simply adds to our treasure chest of life experiences.

That’s the passion behind Go World Travel. This month, we take you boating along Thailand’s Andaman Coast and looking for monkeys in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Then we belly up to the bar at Bodeguita del Medio, one of Cuba’s most famous pubs. This unique Caribbean nation is popular with Canadian visitors, as well as tourists from other nations.

Are there places you’d like us to cover? Destinations you’ve always dreamed about? Let us know. We’re always open to your suggestions.

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