Tower Bridge view
Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. This is the view from the Tower of London

Truly one of London’s greatest landmarks since its opening in 1894, Tower Bridge remains one of the city’s most-visited tourist attractions. I love visiting the iconic structure and each time I do, I discover new facts about the bridge and new angles from which to admire it’s architectural beauty. A tip I learned on my most recent trip: skip the lifts and take the stairs, it’s a great way to get up close and personal with the steel structure of the bridge. The stairs are the original ones from when the bridge was first built and the stone exterior is just cosmetic and protective, not structural.

Tower Bridge glass floor
Testing the strength of the glass floor of the pedestrian walkway, high above the roadway

The entire visiting experience is called the Tower Bridge Exhibition and it’s a comprehensive, self-guided walking tour. Visitors also have the option to book themselves a private tour, like I did, or even a special behind-the-scenes tour that takes you into spaces not normally seen by the general public.

Tower Bridge
Looking up at the top of one of the towers, showing the steel structure
Tower Bridge internal view
A view inside the top of the south tower showing the structure, normally offlimits to the public

After your visit, leave time to walk back and forth across the bridge for more great close-up views of the structure and perfect opportunities for awesome Instagram pics. Another good angle is from the center of the pedestrian walkways, the small windows open, allowing you to stick your camera (carefully) outside to get the shot.

Thames view from Tower Bridge
A view of the roadway and river, looking out from one of the small windows at the top of the south tower
Tower Bridge view
A view of The Shard and London’s city hall, looking out from a window in the south tower
London view from Tower Bridge
An epic view of the City of London, looking from one of the small windows at the top of the south tower

I set up my visit with the help of, the city’s official tourism guide. It’s a great resource for all kinds of things to see and do, as well as hotel and restaurant recommendations. Their constantly updated calendar also shows what’s happening in London, in terms of art exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events.

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