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Suppose you are on an international vacation for one week, and an emergency arises in your family. Is it possible for you to return home immediately? Fortunately, yes, with the help of a travel designer. A travel designer from PrivateUpgrades is a better version of a travel agent. It is a traveller and an adventurer who has made a living planning their own or others’ travels with special attention and effort.

Best Tips & Tools to Plan Your Trip

It’s inspiring to work with a travel designer as they see the world and ‘sell’ the world. Do you know how a graphic or interior designer, or any designer, has an eye for colours, textures, shapes and composition? Well, a travel designer has an eye for lesser-known destinations, luxury hotels and amazing experiences. 

This post aims to show you the benefits of working with a travel designer. 

1. Travel Designers Design Everything Uniquely for You 

Travel designers understand what is most important to you during your holiday and build your itinerary to your exact requirements. They get exactly what you are looking for – not a slightly tweaked off-the-shelf package.

2. Travel Designers as Your Personalised 1:1 Service

Travel designers care deeply that everyone they work with has a trip that will make memories that last a lifetime. They help you plan your holiday as meticulously as they can. 

Mallorca. Photo by DJ Nick Otronic, Unsplash
Mallorca. Photo by DJ Nick Otronic, Unsplash

3. Travel Designers’ Relationship with Local Suppliers Means a Truly Authentic Experience

Travel designers desire to experience all a place offers, which they passionately build into every trip they build. They choose their partners carefully to ensure they share both values and deliver the kind of experience they would want for the travellers.

4. Travel Designers Take All the Stress Out of Planning Your Trip – Meaning All You Have to Do Is Look Forward to It

It takes around 30 hours to plan and book a trip, with all the research of where to stay, what to see and reading the reviews. Despite all this planning, there is still no guarantee that you will end up on the trip you wanted.

The reality is that a hotel or a tour is often made by the people working there. A change in General Manager, some unexpected building work and a change to an itinerary can have a profound impact on your experience and are something that you will only discover when you are reading reviews.

5. Travel Designers Will Always Give You an Honest Opinion on Whether Something Is Right for You and Your Family

In many instances, travel designers might suggest something you hadn’t thought of or didn’t know was possible.

Trillium Lakes serenity welcomes Mt. Hood. Photo by Atanas Malamov, Unsplash
Trillium Lakes serenity welcomes Mt. Hood. Photo by Atanas Malamov, Unsplash

6. Some Travel Designers Have Access to Exclusive Rates

Very often, a travel professional will have access to exclusive rates. The relationships they build with their partners mean they may also have exclusive perks and upgrades that you can’t get online.

The current situation proves more than ever just how important it is to have booked with confidence and with someone who looks after your interests.

7. Travel Designers Will Be Your Company Every Step of the Way 

When a travel designer proposes an itinerary, they will make all reservations for travel, accommodation, and any experiences included once that has been agreed upon. You’ll never be left alone in the process. They will stay in touch during the trip, and when you return home, they will stay in contact because your feedback is essential.

Searching for a Travel Designer?

PrivateUpgrades will assign you a dedicated Travel Designer to make your stay even more memorable. These professionals will be there to make sure you have a truly different experience.

We specialize in customizing your vacation experience to meet your specific demands and tastes. We can thus help you organize the ideal trip, regardless of whether you’re searching for a quiet retreat, an adventure-filled vacation, or a romantic getaway.

You can contact us by phone or email if you have any particular wants or requests. Whether you require a transfer, a spa appointment, or a reservation at a hotel restaurant, a travel designer can help you plan the trip you want. 

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