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Do you love to travel and see exciting new places, experience different cultures, and discover amazing destinations? Do you also have a dream of starting your own podcast? Why not do both and start a travel podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to share your travel experiences for a worldwide audience and get sponsorship for future travel adventures. This guide will give you everything you need to know about starting a travel podcast of your very own. 

Share your love for experiencing new cultures with a travel podcast
Share your love for experiencing new cultures with a travel podcast

The Why Behind Your Travel Podcast

Many podcasts in all different niches fade out. Podcasts take a lot of planning and work. So, it’s really important to understand your why behind doing the podcast in the first place.

Why do you want to host a travel podcast? Do you have a lot of experience and first-hand knowledge of travelling and feel you could help people travel smarter?

Do you travel on a budget to exotic places and only spend a little money? Figuring out your why is the first step to finding your niche and who your audience will be. 

Some questions to ask yourself: 

Discover why you want to start a travel podcast
Discover why you want to start a travel podcast

Why Do I Want to Start a Travel Podcast?

There are many reasons for this answer. Figure out what your main drive behind creating a travel podcast is and then ask yourself the next question.

What Specific Niche do I Want to Cover? 

There are different things you could focus on. Try and narrow it down to a very specific section of travel that you are passionate about. Then, ask yourself the final question.

Who is Your Ideal Listener? 

The better you know your audience, the better you will be at serving their needs and interests. This means more engaged listeners and audience growth over time.

Do you love to explore new destinations and experience new cultures? Here's how to start a travel podcast to share those experiences with an audience of travel lovers.

Research Your Chosen Niche

You have figured out what you are going to podcast about and who is going to be listening to you, now you need to know if your idea is viable.

You need to conduct research to see if someone is already catering to that niche. If someone is already covering your podcast idea, don’t despair, look at what they are missing from their podcasts.

Can you take a different perspective? Be more consistent with podcast episodes? It’s possible to have a direct competitor in podcasting and still be very successful. Make sure though, that you are considering very carefully what will make you show stand out.

Pick a Format

There is no right or wrong way to host your podcast, only the best fit for you and the information you want to send out into the world. Determine how long you want the episodes to be and if you are going to do it monologue, conversation style, or round table style.

Bear in mind, scheduling interviews and round table discussions can be difficult while traveling. Monologue shows are much easier while travelling, but they are harder to keep interesting. Are you planning on editing your show? 

You don’t always have to use the same format either, it’s perfectly viable to change it up now and again, but remember, people are listening in part because of how your format fits their life.


After you decide what your format is going to be, you need to decide on the scheduling you will follow because consistency is necessary for building up an audience. Define and commit to a reasonable schedule that fits around your life and needs. 

Make podcast cover art
Make podcast cover art

Name and Travel Podcast Cover Art

You know your why, you have your niche and podcast format picked out. You have decided on a production schedule. Now you need to pick a name and design your podcast cover art.

Once you pick a title for your podcast, you need to do some research to make sure that the name isn’t already in use. Once you are sure you have picked a unique show name, start thinking about the cover art for it.

The best practice for this is to choose images that directly relate to your show. You can get the artwork done cheaply on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Pick up the Necessary Equipment and Software to Produce Your Travel Podcast 

Depending on your podcast format you will need different equipment, but the basics are the same. You need to purchase a website to post your episodes on, a microphone and a stand for it, and audio editing software.

Think about your format and do your homework on what equipment will be right for you and your podcast. A lot of podcast editing can be done on free software like GarageBand(iOS) and Audacity (Windows), but you can also use Adobe for it as well, though it’s not free. 

Purchase a domain name and set up your podcast website. Do your homework for the best service for your podcast needs.

Then you are ready to record, edit, and publish your very first travel podcast episode.

Start making your travel podcast
Start making your travel podcast

Next Steps

After creating your podcast, you need to focus on building your audience. The best way is through networking with other podcasters in your field. 

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