I found this abandoned hotel in Bali over a year ago when I was traveling from Kuta to Bedugul, up in the mountains of Indonesia. The hotel was named Taman Rekreasi Bedugul, so it’s not far from the town of Bedugul. Some call it the Ghost Palace Hotel.

I couldn’t wait to get back up there to film it so that more people could enjoy it at the comfort of their couches. To me it is definitely one of the most interesting non-touristy places in Bali that you can visit.

Taman Rekreasi Bedugul: Ghost Palace Hotel

The hotel is about a dozen years old and it was abandoned about 10 years ago. It’s weird how there is no information on why it was abandoned (I talked with quite a few locals and Googled it many times). Apparently the land and the hotel has to belong to somebody, but judging from the fact there is no permanent security, those people either don’t care about it, or are not around anymore.

I guess a lot of people wouldn’t feel safe walking on the hotel’s balconies, roofs or going to the basement (since it’s completely dark), but I found it very enjoyable and interesting. Also, for me it wasn’t scary since I went during the daytime, but my Indonesian friends kept repeating that there are ghosts living inside. I find that funny, since I don’t believe in stuff like that.

Taman Rekreasi Bedugul is an abandoned hotel near Bali
Taman Rekreasi Bedugul is an abandoned hotel near Bali

The hotel was truly unique, and I’m glad I could see it again during my travels. I am Jacob Laukaitis, a 21-year-old digital nomad who’s already been to more than 30 countries in the past two years. The main reason why I can travel is the company I co-founded, ChameleonJohn.com offers flexibility and remote income that it provides. Because of this, I can travel for 9-10 months a year. If you would like to find more information about me or my trip you can visit my personal website JacobLaukaitis.com and my Instagram profile where I post the most memorable moments from my trips.

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