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Are you planning to rent a car and drive during your next vacation abroad? A new Europe-wide study of over 10,000 drivers, including 2,000 from the UK, looks at summer driving habits, and highlights that while 44% of British were planning to drive in abroad, 71% didn’t know the driving laws of popular holiday destinations when tested. Although 85% said they research road regulations before driving abroad, a simple road rule knowledge test, commissioned by TomTom, showed UK drivers are stumped by everyday international driving laws..

And it isn’t just specific regulations that are causing confusion on European roads for British drivers with many admitting they have struggled in the past when faced with foreign driving cultures. The most common issues faced when driving abroad include:

·       Not knowing where and when you can park (27%)

·       Driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road (26%)

·       Knowing which lane is best to travel in (22%)

·       The correct speed limit to travel at (19%)

·       Not understanding the road signs (18%)

Although almost two thirds of UK drivers (61%) said they would prefer someone else to drive because they don’t feel confident driving abroad (47%) and find it too stressful (44%), you don’t have to be anxious about driving abroad. With a little planning, research and the right tools, driving in other countries can be an enjoyable part of travel.


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