Top 10 Reasons to Visit New York City


Empire State Building 7. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building in a New York City icon. The classic Art Deco architecture of the 102-story Empire State Building makes this yet another icon of NYC. Go up to the 86th floor outside observatory for views of up to 80 miles (130 km). Be sure to bring your camera.

Shopping in NYC6. Shopping in New York City

You can find just about anything in NYC, including discount designer clothes, items from all over the world and much more. New York City is a shopper’s paradise.


Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island5. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

The symbol of political freedom and democracy is a must-see. Located on 12-acre (48,500 m²) Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France. It was dedicated on October 28, 1886, and was designated a National Monument on October 15, 1924. Ellis Island was incorporated as part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument on May 11, 1965. Between 1892 and 1954, approximately 12 million steamship passengers entered the United States through the port of New York at Ellis Island.

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