St. Andrews By-the-Sea: A Canadian Maritime Holiday

Oppenheimer-Prager Museum. Photo by Carri Wilbanks
Oppenheimer-Prager Museum. Photo by Carri Wilbanks

Oppenheimer-Prager Museum at Dayspring

St Andrews by-the-Sea is famous for its Loyalist era homes, and paying a visit to the Oppenheimer Prager Museum allows you to peek inside the largest home in town. You’ll get to explore a museum, which was opened by Vincent Prager to showcase the work of his grandfather, Joseph Oppenheimer and mother, Eva Prager.

One of the most notable parts of the museum is seeing a replica painting of Albert Einstein painted by Eva after her father’s portrait of Einstein (a friend of his) went missing during the Hitler regime. You also don’t want to miss seeing the photo of Pierre Trudeau, a friend of Eva’s, painted at the time he was Prime Minister.

St. Andrews is one of New Brunswick’s treasures. Plan enough time to visit and explore it for yourself.

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