Photo Essay: Elephants at the Pool & Other Tales of the Serengeti


1Wild Meets Style in Serengeti National Park

Nature and luxury meet in Serengeti National Park. Photo by Christine Loomis

Serengeti National Park surpasses any preconceived notions of it. Sweeping, rugged, dusty and lush, it renders the rest of life drab and humdrum by comparison, at least for a time. But the Serengeti is far more than its vast, humbling landscapes, more even than its exotic creatures. It is everything the term “bucket-list” conjures up and then some. And within it are hidden human-made gems, places where cool marble and hot showers add a welcomed touch of luxury to the experience, such as here at Four Seasons Serengeti where elephants regularly saunter by the pool. Tanzania’s most popular national park is one place where you really can have it all.