Tackling Small RV Remodel

Kitchen RV Remodel
Kitchen Remodel, photo by Lee Miles
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Best Ways to Remodel an RV

Aesthetically, RVs can often be pretty bland or generic off the assembly line or maybe you have purchased an old one that needs updating. There are some small items you can tackle in an RV remodel that will improve the look dramatically.

Window Coverings

Window coverings in an RV don’t always make you think of home. They cry “camper.” New window coverings is one RV remodel that can really make it feel like it has a touch of home. Our RV has fabric covered wood valances that I plan to take down some day and recover with fabric that I like. Maybe that will be my next blog.

Window Coverings
Window Coverings, photo by Lee Miles

Back-Splash in an RV

What we have done, however, is to put a new back-splash in the kitchen area. Our back-splash was really only behind the stove top and felt cold and uninviting.

RV back-splash
Back-splash behind stove top, photo by author
RV Kitchen Back-splash before remodel, photo by author

I did some research on peel and stick back-splashes. There are so many out there. Some are actually made of real stone, just very thin. One maker of those is Aspect Stone. Since this home bounces up and down the freeway, we decided to stay away from any real stone or ceramic that could crack. We also didn’t want to add much weight to the fifth wheel. We found these beautiful pieces of faux tile from Smart Tile. Unless you touch them, you may not even realize they are not ceramic.Good Sam Travel Assist

Tackling the RV Project

Our first step was to take down the old back-splash. I was worried about what I would find behind or if I would tear up the wall. But, the trim was just stapled into the wall and came off easy. The little decorative studs pulled off with a little help from a flat head screwdriver.

Taking off old back-splash decor, photo by author

Next step was to clean it all with some soap and water. Make sure you get every bit of grease off the wall. If you have heavy grease, you might need to use something a bit stronger to get it off.

Then, my husband began to peel and stick the tile. There were some areas that he needed to measure and trim the tile before placing it on the wall, like around outlets. Take care to place on the wall correctly. Sometimes it is easy to peel off and redo and sometimes it is not.

New Backsplash RV remodel
Work in Progress, photo by author

It may have only taken my husband 2 hours to complete the project. We loved the new look.

new backsplash in RV remodel
New back-splash in coffee bar area, photo by author
New back-splash in RV remodel
New back-splash in kitchen area, photo by author
Kitchen RV Remodel
Kitchen Remodel, photo by Lee Miles

We couldn’t believe what a difference it made in the RV with just one project. Next project: window coverings.

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