How to Use Branded Content to Promote Your Travel Brand

Branded content for travel brands. Destination marketing campaigns and ideas. If you’re like me, you prefer to watch TV without the commercials. Maybe you fast-forward through the advertising on your DVR or use that commercial time to get a snack from the kitchen.

Many viewers tune out on traditional commercials, which is why Comedy Central is experimenting with a televised form of branded content this year. Instead of short TV spots, the network has started airing 2.5-minute linear commercial pods once a month. These long form ads tell a story, and are more entertaining.

In the same sense, branded content (AKA sponsored posts) for travel marketing is highly effective for travel destinations and brands. Content is one of the best ways to engage with your customers.

What is branded content for travel brands?

Branded content can take many forms, but in simplest terms, it is a form of advertising that uses the tools of storytelling to promote a brand. Branded content, which is sometimes called native advertising, content marketing or sponsored posts, usually matches the form of other content on a site.

At Go World Travel Magazine, we define “branded content” as useful information told in an entertaining story form to promote a travel brand. That can mean a video on family-friendly dude ranches in Montana, a photo essay on the best beaches in the Maldives or an article on what you should know about cooking schools in Italy.

The common thread is that our branded content advertisers provide content of real value to our readers. Their marketing message is part of that story, but it’s never in your face. Instead it’s a complement to an underlying travel theme.

At Go World Travel Magazine, we’re always transparent with our readers. Branded content is marked as branded content. Yet readers are responding enthusiastically. When Wine Portugal shared their expert insight on the best wine trails in Portugal, for example, readers not only took note, but planned trips.

How can travel brands engage audiences for maximum benefit and payback?

In our experience, the key to creating effective native advertising or branded content is authenticity. By providing real stories and value to travelers, readers engage with the travel brand and its stories. Branded content that is sharable creates an ever broader reach. And that helps to promote the business of travel and tourism, which is what we’re about.

Go World Travel Magazine is proud to partner with travel destinations and brands. Branded content and destination marketing campaigns on are affordable and effective.

If you’re interested in reaching a wide audience of frequent world travelers, please contact us. We’d be happy to help share your message with our audience of passionate travelers.

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