Kevin Costner with HearHere co-founders Bill Werlin and Woody Sears

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Kevin Costner is a storyteller. That’s the reason he co-founded Autio, an audio storytelling app for road trips.

You can pull up Autio on your phone as you drive and it will share stories and fascinating history of the places you are traveling through with detailed voices that sound like they’re right there in your car.

Autio is not only entertaining but also educational to listen to while on long drives, which means it’ll never get old!

What is Autio? (formerly called HearHere)? 

Wouldn’t it be fun to know the hidden stories of the places you’re seeing when on a road trip? Autio is your personal audio tour guide, telling true stories about people and locations that make up your surroundings as you travel.

Each story will be insightful and entertaining. You can listen to these different accounts rooted in American history-people, places and events that shaped America’s narrative.

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Road Trip Storytelling App was co-founded by Kevin Costner
Autio Cofounded by Kevin Costner

“I love stories and I love history,” says Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner.

Actor Kevin Costner has decided to join forces with Autio founders Woody Sears and Bill Werlin to create an audio entertainment app, that aims to preserve humanity’s collective experiences in narrative form for everyone.

The team agreed that the first thing they would do is outline human history from a global perspective, starting with the history of indigenous peoples.

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Costner says that it’s not only our responsibility but also our obligation to understand and to faithfully pass on the stories of the people who flourished here for thousands of years.

Autio’s founders had a mission to share stories in their own words and have the listener go on a journey with the storyteller. They believe that narrative is an important way of making people come together, as well as connecting them to each other in meaningful ways.

Stories in 1800+ locations on HearHere

What Kinds of Stories Are on Autio?

Learn about American locations from the perspective of many different people. Hear Lakota tribal stories from Autio’s partnership with The Tipi Raisers. Or hear a spooky ghost story with a soldier or ship lost at sea!

Explore the history of America, and learn about its industry landmarks. Or find out more about the natural wonders nearby that influenced people’s lifestyles in this area.

Autio provides a variety of narrators who are passionate about history and can make you feel like you’re visiting the places they discuss.

How to access HearHere app
How Do I Access Autio (HearHere)?

It’s simple to access Autio. Simply click here to download the Autio app on your phone. You can listen to five free stories, and then an annual subscription is $35.99.

Autio is available on the iPhone with Android soon to follow.  Once you’ve downloaded the Autio app, you can stream content or download it for offline listening. There are more than 1,800 stories to choose from, with more added each month.

Autio will be an indispensable tool for your next road trip. What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to become part of the story.


Every place has a story with HearHere
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