Diving in Egypt
Diving in Egypt
Diving in Egypt

Situated on the shores of the Red Sea, the Coral Beach Diving Hotel has become a huge draw for the international diving community. Rapidly increasing in popularity among divers and fishing enthusiasts, Marsa Alam is Egypt’s springboard for live-aboard trips to out of the way offshore and southern regions, boasting fewer divers, healthy reefs, unique pinnacles, impressive drop-offs, interesting caves and coral covered shipwrecks.

Mr. Nasser Mohamed Al Kharafi, chairman of Al-Kharafi Group, says that “The Coral Beach Diving Hotel, which is currently under construction, is part of the exciting development of Port Ghalib, which will stand out from any other resort community in the region. A specialist diving hotel & school, the Coral Beach Diving Hotel will provide 120 guest rooms and suites, two apartments, and a range of guest facilities including a restaurant, two bars, a diving pool, a health club, a swimming pool and several shops.”

An extensive fleet of safari dive boats takes divers onto some of the best sites in the world. A quick drive from the Marsa Alam International Airport, the Port Ghalib International Marina operates as a departure point for live-aboard dive boats sailing directly to the Red Sea marine parks of Daedalus Reef, Brother’s Island, Zabargad Island and Rocky Island. With the simple connection between Marsa Alam International Airport and Port Ghalib, divers can be off the plane, on to a boat and on to some of the great dive sites of the South Red Sea. Easily accessible to international travelers by air from North America, Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf, and beyond, Port Ghalib offers year round excellent weather, with ever-present offshore breezes.

The hotel is managed by Millennium Hotels and Resorts. Says Mr Loay Jasim Al-Kharafi, vice chairman of Al-Kharafi Group, “We chose Millennium Hotels and Resorts, one of the leading international hotel brands, to achieve the best levels of management for this mega project which is situated on the most beautiful spot on the Red Sea.”



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