Marilyn Monroe
Replicating Marilyn’s pose on a bench in front of the bungalow (Photo by Freddy Sherman, Marilyn photo courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)

Marilyn Monroe’s Beverly Hills Bungalow

Spending the night where a celebrity stayed is nothing new. Growing up in Philadelphia, hundreds of places around the area proclaimed “George Washington Slept Here.” I’m sure in Ancient Rome, inns bragged about Julius Caesar having stayed there. Now you can stay in the same luxury bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel as Marilyn Monroe did.

Beverly Hills Hotel
Pathways lead to the hotel’s iconic bungalows (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

I had the pleasure of returning to the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel for a stay in what is sure to become their most iconic accommodation. Bungalow 1, inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The design was inspired by the film legend but this was a bungalow she actually frequented. Although it’s not the same bed, you can spend the night in the same bedroom as Marilyn.

Beverly Hills Hotel
The hotel has been welcoming guests since opening in 1912 (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Celebrity Inspired Bungalows

The Marilyn-inspired bungalow is part of a series of celebrity-inspired spaces the iconic hotel has been introducing. Last year, they launched Bungalow 5, inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and Bungalow 22, inspired by Frank Sinatra. After the Marilyn and Howard Hughes bungalows, the hotel will debut Bungalow 9, inspired by Charlie Chaplin.

Living room
The living room area (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The design uses aspects of her life, things she liked and had in her own home, along with elements that reflect her iconic films. It’s definitely got a feminine aesthetic with a nice touch of Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency as well. It’s also very Californian with curvy furniture, bright and abstract floor coverings, colorful travertine stones, and gold-leafed ceilings. The walls are graced with a few large images of Marilyn and there are many books about her. The video library is also stocked with Marilyn’s greatest films, ready to watch on either one of the bungalow’s giant Bang & Olufsen flat-screens.

Beverly Hills Hotel
The luxurious bedroom (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Accommodations at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Beyond the sumptuous accommodations, the hotel has a special partnership with CHANEL to allow guests to experience Monroe’s favorite perfume. She was quoted, when asked what she liked to sleep in, as saying “CHANEL No.5.” There’s a special CHANEL No.5 fragrance bar in the bedroom and the bathroom features CHANEL amenities. It’s the only accommodation at the hotel to have them.

CHANEL fragrance bar
The special CHANEL fragrance bar in the bedroom (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

And while you’re in that bathroom, why not enjoy a “Marilyn Monroe Champagne Bath Bubble Experience” featuring a “Some Like it Hot” bubble bath (with Ceara pure atlantic sea salt from the coast of Brazil and sweet orange and grapefruit oils), bath pillow, wood back brush, bath mitt, and a bottle of Dom Perignon. When you get hungry, you can enjoy a unique in-room dining Marilyn’s Menu based in a magazine interview where she discussed her favorite foods. There’s a multi-course, $250-for-two special Marilyn dinner available.

Beverly Hills Hotel bathtub
The tub is ready for the Some Like it Hot bath experience (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The bungalow also offers something very special, complete privacy. Not only do you have your own, self-contained little house, with no common walls with any other accommodation, you (and your guests) can come and go with complete discretion. The bungalow’s front door and back patio gate lead to winding pathways behind the hotel, which then lead out to the street behind the hotel. Bungalow guests and their guests can come and go without having to go though the lobby and can even park on the street next to the bungalows. The luxury hotel sits within 12 acres of lushly landscaped gardens and pathways. Bungalow 1, inspired by Marilyn Monroe, rents for $8,500 per night.

Cadillac CT6 Platinum
To get to the hotel in style, I drove the 2019 Cadillac CT6 Platinum (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

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