Music Festival. Photo by Aditya Chinchure, Unsplash

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There is nothing quite like attending a concert to experience live music. Add to it the energy of the crowd and the thrill of seeing some of the greatest artists perform creates a sense of community that can only be achieved by sharing the love for music with others.

Concert tickets can be costly, so if you want to see your favorite artist perform, start planning now.

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With so many bands performing over several days a week, over time, it can be quite hard to decide which ones to attend and which performances to leave out. So whether you are a hip-hop fan or get your high with rock music, here are some unmissable music festivals to visit for the experience of a lifetime in the months ahead.

Bath, United Kingdom. Photo by James Shaw, Unsplash
Bath, United Kingdom. Photo by James Shaw, Unsplash

Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, UK

The United Kingdom has its fair share of festivals, but if there is one rocking event you should not miss, attend the British musical festival at Glastonbury which has been doing the rounds since the 1970s and showing no sign of abating. This father of annual rock festivals takes place on a working English farm.

Apart from the galaxy of pop and rock artists from all over the world, visitors are treated to cabaret, comedy, circus acts, dance and drama and much more. If you have the opportunity to visit one festival anywhere, this should be it, because it showcases the greatest stage acts on earth.

Coachella, California, USA

As far as American festivals are concerned, there is nothing more bigger and iconic than Coachella. Every superstar and anyone trending in music for that year is on their lineup for this extravagant two-week affair. Moreover, with the plethora of well-known names, celebrity sightings are quite common.

Coachella has today become a yardstick to judge music concerts anywhere else, and the standard keeps getting bigger and better. So if you are into music or just want to experience the unparalleled atmosphere, you won’t return back disappointed after attending Coachella.

Dinant, Belgium. Photo by Alex Vasey, Unsplash
Dinant, Belgium. Photo by Alex Vasey, Unsplash

Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium 

There is no beating Tomorrowland, the mecca of electronic dance-mix music. This festival is held each year, in the appropriately named city of Boom and a visit to this venue will feel like an experience on an entirely different level.

The effort and intricate detail that goes into their installation and decoration are absolutely out of the world. As far as the lineup is concerned, be sure that the hottest DJs in the world will be entertaining you, not to forget the festival village of Dreamville, which is without a doubt the most elaborate themed village you will have the privilege of passing through.

Fuji Rock Festival, Yuzawa, Japan

Being one of the biggest outdoor events in the whole of Asia, the Fuji Rock Festival is a sight to behold. The concert is staged during the off-season at the Naeba Ski Resort, at the base of the iconic Mt Fuji and is a three-day extravaganza of electronic and rock music, accessible in an hour by bullet train from Tokyo.

What makes Fuji Rock so special is the stunning setting followed by the lineup of the biggest names in the music industry. Not only that, the festival enjoys a relaxed atmosphere with a river oasis to cool off, apart from an elaborate play area for children and hiking in the woods and much more.

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