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Menorca is said to be the gem of the Balearic Islands. It is the quietest island in the Mediterranean with cliffs overlooking the sea, idyllic turquoise coves and white stone cities. It’s also the easternmost territory of Spain and is the first place where the sun rises and sets in the country.

The quiet island has little to do with the older sister Mallorca and much less with the more distant and rebellious Ibiza. Menorca is independent and has its own personality. With silent winters and festive summers, the north coast and the south coast, Mao and Ciutadella, duality is part of its essence.

Its uniqueness lies not so much in the landscape as in the balance between tourism and nature protection that it has managed to maintain so far. In fact, it preserves a natural wealth that has earned it recognition as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve.

Galdana. Photo by Lucia Otero

Discover the Best Menorca Beaches

The best way to visit the island is to savor all its nuances. The beautiful cities like Mao and Ciutadella, as well as the charming inland villages like Es Mercadal. These provide a perfect combination of cultural and gastronomic offerings.

But we cannot deny that Menorca’s greatest attraction is its fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters. In the south of Menorca are some of the most beautiful beaches.

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The south begins in the Cap d’Artrutx which is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. From this point, the coastline stretches through coves of white rock, pine trees and an infinite sea.

The coves are linked by the so-called Cami de Cavalls, a path that circles the island in 185km. It used to serve to survey the horizon but today it is a magnet for travelers who enjoy exploring the territory on foot or by bicycle.

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To access many of these coves it is necessary to walk for a stretch through the Cami de Cavalls, as it is not accessible by car. In fact, access to some of the most famous beaches is closed to cars during the summer.

Small or large, in the north and in the south, the possibilities are numerous. But here are some of the most beautiful coves and beaches to see in Menorca.

Menorca Beaches Macarelleta
Macarelleta. Photo by Lucia Otero

Macarella and Macarelleta Menorca Beaches

Macarella and Macarelleta are two of the most famous beaches on the island. They are far away from urbanization, so they still preserve their natural environment.

In the seventies, this place was a hippie territory. They chose it to set up their commune among the caves of the cliffs. Here they found the tranquility they were looking for in the beautiful beaches away from civilization.

It is a long walk to these beaches which makes them less saturated than others on the island. Even so, this has not prevented them from becoming a place that nobody wants to miss in Menorca.

Macarella is the main beach, while Macarelleta is the little sister. The latter has preserved part of its dune system and is a true paradise.

Galdana. Photo by Lucia Otero


This is one of the most extensive coves of Menorca and is easy to reach, both by car and public transport. It is also one of the most comfortable to go with the family as it has all kinds of services and activities.  


Galdana feels less authentic than other beaches in the area because it is surrounded by tourist developments. However, its crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming and it’s large enough to allow everyone to find a quiet spot.

In addition, the natural space in which this beach is located is very special. It is a round bay protected from the wind with fine white sand. Undoubtedly it is one of the most beautiful, urbanized coves of Menorca.

Mitjeta and Mitjaneta
Mitjeta and Mitjaneta. Photo by Lucia Otero

Mitjeta and Mitjaneta Menorca Beaches

Also popular are these two beaches located to the east of Macarella and Macarelleta. They are virgin coves only a 20-minute walk from the famous Cala Galdana.

Mitjaneta is the little sister, connected by the Cami de Cavalls with Mitjaneta. The latter is just a narrow line of sand, so visitors to this beach spread out their towels on the surrounding rocks and then take a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

Es Brut Beach Menorca
Es Brut. Photo by Lucia Otero

En Brut

Cala En Brut is a small cove in the western part of the island, a few kilometers from Ciutadella. It is a cove without sand but there are rocky platforms perfect for relaxing. This makes it a  special place, different from the rest of Menorca’s coves. 

People take advantage of these platforms to lie down and sunbathe or to jump into the sea. In fact, this is a favorite place for cliff jumping as the cove depth is more than 4 or 5 meters.

Jumping into the sea can be done from different heights. For the most daring and experts there is a jump known as “the Cave” with a height of more than 10 meters.

Menorca Beaches Pregonda. Image from Canva
Pregonda. Image from Canva


The north holds backwaters of peace with golden sand. Beaches such as Cavalleria or Pregonda are seen on many postcards. In the case of Pregonda, a winding path of red earth leads to the beach and gives the impression of being on Mars.

A  20-minute walk along the path brings you to a beach of rocks and crystalline waters, surrounded by vegetation and nature in its purest state. As it is not directly accessible by car, it is not one of the most crowded beaches in Menorca.

In short, when you arrive in Menorca you are arriving in paradise. Here the Mediterranean explodes in a thousand hues of blue and offers us its most authentic side. For this reason, it has earned the nickname of “la Isla Bonita”. It is full of unique corners, some of them still hidden and is an oasis of peace where you can disconnect from routine.

Author Bio: Based in France, Lucia Otero Medraño is Spanish with a master’s degree in travel journalism. She has worked in the tourism sector but her true passion is to live enriching experiences and discover amazing places around the world and write about them. In her spare time, she likes to enjoy her second passion, music.

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