Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Photo by iSAW Company, Unsplash

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I never thought I’d be the type to enjoy a cruise holiday. Floating on a giant ship with thousands of strangers seemed like a strange way to spend a vacation. But, as it turns out, I was wrong—very wrong. Here’s why you might want to consider setting sail too.

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1. Escape the Routine

It all started with a casual suggestion from my friend, Amy. We were sitting in my cramped apartment, both lamenting our mundane routines. “Why don’t we go on a cruise?” she said. At first, I laughed it off, but the idea lingered. Maybe a cruise was exactly what I needed to shake things up.

I hesitated. Cruises seemed like the kind of thing for retirees or honeymooners, not someone like me, a single, overworked 30-something. Plus, what if I got seasick? But the more I researched, the more enticing it sounded. Endless food, exotic destinations, and time to relax—what’s not to like?

2. Meeting Other Cruisers

Tonnara di Scopello, Scopello, Sicily, Italy. Photo by Flo P, Unsplash
Tonnara di Scopello, Scopello, Sicily, Italy. Photo by Flo P, Unsplash

Amy was my mentor in this journey. A seasoned cruiser, she regaled me with tales of her past voyages—sunsets over the ocean, fascinating excursions, and luxurious onboard amenities. “Just try it,” she urged. “You might be surprised.”

Before I knew it, I was boarding a colossal ship, my home for the next week. As the land faded into the horizon, a mix of excitement and anxiety swirled inside me. This was it—no turning back now.

3. Enrichment Activities

The first few days were a whirlwind. I found my sea legs quickly, thanks to the ship’s smooth sailing. I made friends during the daily activities—trivia contests, cooking classes, and dance lessons.

Cruises offer numerous opportunities to meet and socialize with fellow travelers. From dining together at large tables to participating in group activities and shore excursions, it’s easy to make new friends. Many cruise lines also offer special interest cruises, such as culinary, wine, or adventure themes, bringing together like-minded individuals.

4. The Buffet

There were challenges too, like navigating the massive ship and resisting the urge to overindulge at the buffet.

Cruise lines are famous for their dining options, ranging from casual buffets to gourmet restaurants. You can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines prepared by top chefs. Some cruises also offer themed dining experiences, cooking demonstrations, and wine tastings to enhance your culinary journey.

5. Stucture if You Want It

Most cruises typically have the option for set dinner times. If you like having a routine on vacation this is perfect. We were met with a schedule of the next day every evening. A more structured atmosphere can give a sense of safety and security to travelers.

6. Options for the Whole Group

Cruises are an excellent choice for family vacations, offering activities and facilities for all age groups. Many ships feature kids’ clubs, teen lounges, and family-friendly entertainment. Additionally, some cruise lines provide babysitting services, allowing parents to enjoy some time alone.

7. All-Inclusive Convenience

Cruise packages often include accommodation, meals, entertainment, and various activities, making it easy to budget for your holiday. Some cruises even offer all-inclusive deals that cover drinks, gratuities, and shore excursions, providing exceptional value for money.

8. Incredible Sunsets

One evening, standing on the deck, watching the sun dip below the horizon, I realized something. The vastness of the ocean and the rhythm of the waves had a calming effect I hadn’t anticipated. I felt my stress melting away. There is nothing like a sunset at sea.

9. Visiting Ports

Every port brought new adventures. We snorkeled in crystal-clear waters, explored ancient ruins, and sampled local cuisines. Each experience was a treasure, enriching my journey and broadening my horizons.

Cruises can take you to some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic locations. Whether you’re dreaming of the Caribbean’s crystal-clear waters, the historical ports of the Mediterranean, the icy landscapes of Alaska, or the vibrant cultures of Asia, there’s a cruise itinerary for everyone.

10. Opportunities for Relaxation and Wellness

Hallstatt, Austria. Photo by Sheng L, Unsplash
Hallstatt, Austria. Photo by Sheng L, Unsplash

As the cruise neared its end, I found myself reflecting on the journey. The friendships I’d formed, the beauty I’d witnessed, and the challenges I’d overcome had all contributed to an unforgettable experience. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for having taken the leap.

Back on solid ground, I had a newfound appreciation for this mode of travel.

So, if you’re considering a cruise, take it from me: it’s worth it. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or simply a break from the ordinary, cruise holidays have something for everyone. Don’t let doubts hold you back—set sail and discover the magic for yourself.

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Author Bio: Sandy Page is a lifelong adventurer. In her free time, she reads and consumes copious amounts of hot beverages.

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