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Sailing has always been an activity reserved for the lucky few. All who have experienced sailing become enchanted with the sense of freedom that you get on board, with this privilege of being able to create your own “privacy cell” in the sea, the privilege of being able to access secluded coves with pristine waters when nobody else can. It’s a feeling that you can enjoy a wonderful natural environment without being obliged to share it with anyone except for your beloved ones.

Greek islands offer you a variety of sailing choices. First you can choose the scenery. If you like to combine pristine waters with a lot of greenery, then you sail in the Ionian sea. If on the other hand you prefer the white-blue colors of the aegean architecture and you don’t mind about the rugged landscape that characterizes most of the islands of that part of the Aegean Sea, then you opt for Cyclades or Dodecanese.


You can also choose your preferred weather pattern. If you like no more than a gentle breeze to accompany your tranquil rides, then your destination is some Ionian island. If on the other hand you feel more adventurous you can try to tame the strong (sometimes very strong) winds in Cyclades or Ikarian sea. In such a case, combining your adventurous sailing trip with water sports would make a perfect blend, an ideal action pack.

For nocturnal people, there’s plenty of night life, no matter which island you have chosen. For those with a strong inclination towards archaeology, the trip should start in Athens. Then it should continue to the south, making a necessary stop at Nafplio in order to visit the nearby Mycenae and, if possible, a road trip up to the ancient Olympia.

Sailing in Greece with Unique HolidaysThen, if time is no problem, the trip should continue southernmost up to Crete, in order to be able to visit Knossos and Faistos, just to mention the most famous among Crete’s archaeological sites. If on the other hand seals excite you more than archaeology, then you should travel north in order to visit the natural reserve in Alonissos island. Finally if clothes are a problem to you, there are several naturist spots to accommodate your needs. One of the least known and least advertised ones (purposefully, I believe) lies on Evia island, not far from Athens.

In summary, sailing in Greece offers you a variety of flavors. Whether you look for secluded coves, turquoise waters, magnificent under water caves, smooth breezes or intense wind action, water sports, marine reserves, intense night life and bouzouki, archaeological sites, naturist spots, magnificent sunsets, there’s something for every taste. Join us for a unique sailing experience in Greek waters.

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