Carneros Resort pool
The hilltop pool has amazing views (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Carneros Resort and Spa

The spectacular Carneros Resort and Spa sits on 28 acres of beautiful Napa Valley countryside. It’s surrounded by vineyards (and some cows) and its hilltop setting provides some epic views. The luxury resort is much more than a hotel, accommodations are in individual cottages. They’re little mini houses with no common walls and front porches with rocking chairs. The accommodations and the entire resort has what you might call (and they do) a farmhouse chic vibe. Rough materials like raw wood and corrugated metal, with luxurious amenities, furnishings and fixtures. Also some fun, rural touches like horse trough bathtubs and outdoor showers.

Carneros Resort Cottage
One of the cottages (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Rent a Home at a Napa Valley Resort

Aside from the cottage accommodations, the resort offers individual homes for rent (and sale). There’s an exclusive development of luxury homes that’s part of the resort and some are available to rent for the ultimate in luxury and privacy. Guests have access to all the amenities of the resort but the homes are in a gated and walled section, only accessible to home rental guests.

Carneros Resort
The cottages are grouped in little neighborhoods (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

There are a range of activities available, outside stuff like bike rides and inside stuff like wine tasting, and of course some amazing food and wine. The resort’s main restaurant, FARM, is considered one of the best in the Napa Valley. You can see a video HERE of my wine-pairing tasting lunch there with Executive Chef Aaron Meneghelli and Wine Director / Sommelier Zion Curiel.

Executive Chef Aaron Meneghetti described each course (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The resort also has its own small (very fancy) general store with snacks and packaged food and a gift shop too. There are two pools, including the Instagram-worthy hilltop top with vineyard views and a newly-remodeled, full-service spa. I treated myself to a massage at the spa, opting for their “Heal Me” massage as it included a rub down with a full-spectrum CBD salve (legal in California).

FARM at Carneros
Lunch at FARM included this braised octopus with carrot gel, trout roe and frisee (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Getting to Napa Valley

I visited the resort as part of an amazing private jet adventure with evoJets. This was one of the company’s evo Experiences, carefully curated luxury adventures involving travel on a private jet. The resort is only a ten minute drive from Napa County Airport so within about 70 minutes from leaving Los Angeles, we were sipping wine in Napa Valley.

Hawker private jet
We flew to Napa on this evoJets Hawker jet (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

I experienced things from evoJets’ “Wine & Away” adventure, which normally includes private jet flights from any city in the world, two nights in one of the resort’s two-bedroom homes and a range of food, wine and spa experiences, all included in the ultra-luxury getaway experience.

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