Harintons Hotel. Photo courtesy of Haringtons

The UK is home to a number of incredible assets: Stonehenge, the royal family, Wimbledon and a strong cuppa (that’s tea to the rest of the world!) However, it is also home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe, as well as some of the oldest and most beautiful hotels that the world has to offer. Many of these hotels represent true British culture and reflect a quintessential English heritage, whilst some offer more modern touches within traditional structures. Here are some of the best boutique hotels in the UK:

Oddfellows, Chester


Oddfellows is a stunning example of a classic boutique hotel, situated in the middle of Chester – one of the most well preserved walled cities in Britain. There is a wealth of stunning old buildings within this city, including Oddfellows, originally a society hall intended for the ‘misfits’ in society. This hall has been transformed from a home for the eccentric to a charming hotel suitable for all. With just a handful of rooms, decorated to accentuate comfort and style, this hotel screams exclusivity, allowing you to wake up feeling like you just slept in your own bed.

Stratton’s Hotel, Swaffham

Strattons Hotel, Swaffham. Photo courtesy of Strattons
Strattons Hotel, Swaffham. Photo courtesy of Strattons

Next up on our list of the best boutique hotels in the UK, Strattons Hotel is a small, independent, family-run boutique hotel situated in the historic town of Swaffham. This boutique hotel is not only located in one of the most stunning areas of the UK, it also has a rich history behind it. Whilst many of the Georgian and Victorian buildings conceal the medieval history of Swaffham, they also provide stunning architectural surroundings for you to enjoy during your stay. The hotel itself is located within a conservation area and therefore has a number of trails and routes that you can walk, run or cycle during your stay. It also has fourteen rooms as well as a self-catering apartment on offer, each decorated with art, design, luxury and comfort in mind — the perfect way to end a busy day of exploration around this stunning town. If you’re flexible with your timings, make sure that you book a room during the first two weeks of September; this will then allow you to explore, Breck’s, the largest food and drink festival in the UK.

Harington’s Hotel, Bath

Harintons Hotel. Photo courtesy of Haringtons
Harington’s Hotel in Bath. Photo courtesy of Haringtons

Harington’s Hotel is an iconic boutique hotel situated in the beautiful Bath city centre. This hotel is one of the 5,000 listed buildings located in and around Bath, and the new owners spent years restoring this building, creating a boutique hotel that offers thirteen boutique style rooms with all the comforts of your own home. Home to Jane Austen during the 19th Century, Bath is renowned for its rich cultural history, much of which can be found at the famous Roman Baths, located just five minutes from this hotel. These baths are one of the many places that should not be missed during your stay at this hotel, alongside the Thermae Spa — Britain’s only natural thermal spa.

No. 131, Cheltenham

No. 131 is a gorgeous Georgian Grade II boutique hotel.
No. 131 is a gorgeous Georgian Grade II boutique hotel. Photo courtesy of No. 131 Cheltenham

No. 131 is a gorgeous Georgian Grade II boutique villa situated in the heart of Cheltenham. This hotel celebrates everything British, using British produce in the restaurant and cosmetics that are made from only British plants and flowers, including chamomile extract and lavender oil. The hotel restaurant supports local farmers and focusses on using vegetables that are in season, changing the menu to suit the local produce that is available. Each bedroom is individually decorated to suit the layout of the room, and each design flaunts the perfect mix of classic decor with modern amenities. This hotel is certainly not one to be missed.

The Ampersand Hotel, London

Ampersand Hotel in London
Ampersand Hotel in London. Photo courtesy Ampersand Hotel

London is a city that caters to all, offering such a variety of activities that no individual can ever be stuck for things to do whilst in this beautiful city. The Ampersand Hotel is situated in South Kensington — a prime London location — and it’s next on our list of the best boutique hotels in the UK. Just minutes away from the V&A, the Natural History Museum and South Kensington tube station, this hotel promises to make your stay in London absolutely unforgettable. Whilst in London, you should make it a priority to visit iconic London attractions, such as the London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

Artist Residence, Brighton

The Artist Residence in Brighton
The Artist Residence in Brighton. Photo courtesy of Artist Residence

The Artist Residence is a rustic but beautiful twenty-three bedroom townhouse located just at the top of Regency Square and just a stone’s throw away from the iconic West Pier. Brighton is considered to be one of the more ‘eccentric’ parts of the UK, renowned for its shingle beach, the Royal Pavilion, as well as its links to culture, music and arts. Unofficially branded as the ‘gay capital of the UK’, Brighton is home to a diverse range of communities, offering a number of cultural activities including the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and visiting the beautiful Theatre Royal. Initially created as a place for artists and creatives to ‘hang out’, the Artist Residence has transformed since its opening in 2008 into a place where you can eat great food, discuss brilliant ideas and then rest your head in a room that is both stylish and comfortable.

Lime Wood, Hampshire

Lime Wood Hotel in New Forest National Park.
Lime Wood Hotel in New Forest National Park. Photo courtesy of Lime Wood

This boutique country house hotel is situated in the heart of the New Forest National Park. Lime Wood not only benefits from stunning woodland views but also from a selection of walking and running trails from the hotel into the forest, making this the perfect choice for more active-minded visitors who also enjoy luxurious accommodation. Initially built as a hunting lodge in the 13th century, this hotel was renovated by Charles Morris and Ben Pentreath, keeping as much character of the initial build as possible, whilst simultaneously introducing contemporary twists within the property. This hotel is one of the larger in our collection of boutique hotels, offering seventeen suits and fifteen bedrooms, all designed with ‘laid back luxury’ in mind.

Author Bio: Peter O’Sullivan was born and bred in the histories city of Bath. He is the owner of Harington’s Hotel, a vibrant boutique hotel in the city centre.


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