Air Italy Business Class
The seat full reclines to become a flat bed (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Air Italy is an Italian air carrier that connects several U.S. cities with Milan and the world. They have a daily flight to Milan from LAX (the only airline that has one) and JFK and a few flights a week to Milan from SFO and MIA. I had a chance to fly them from LA to Milan and then onto Sardinia where I spent an amazing week exploring the Italian island. Here’s a review of my experience flying in their Business Class cabin from LAX to Milan.

Sardinia is beautiful. This is the beach of Bidderosa. (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

About Air Italy

Air Italy started in 1963 as Allsarda, based in Sardinia and was launched to bring passengers to the newly developed Costa S’Meralda resorts. The airline is still based there in Olbia and still focuses on connecting Sardinia with Italy as well as a range of other cities in Europe. They were rebranded as Air Italy in 2018 when Qatar Airlines invested to become a part owner and they now connect Milan with numerous destinations around the world.

The Flight

At LAX, there was a dedicated Business Class check-in area. I arrived very early for my flight and there was no wait. Check-in was easy and I headed to the Sky Team lounge. Air Italy uses the Sky Team lounge at LAX but is not a Sky Team Alliance airline. They do have a partnership with Alaska Airlines to offer seamless travel within the U.S.

Air Italy Business Class
Enjoying a glass of wine with my dinner (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The flight from LAX is done on an Airbus A330-200 with 24 Business Class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. They are clam-shell style Business Class seats but not all have aisle access. If you’re in a window seat and the person next to you is sleeping, you have to wake them or climb over them to get out.

The seats are very comfortable, both for sitting and for sleeping but they sorely lack storage space. You only have the little area next to you under the armrest for storage, along with a space for shoes in the seat in front. The Milan flight departs LAX around 7 p.m. and arrives in Milan around 4 p.m. the next day.

Air Italy Business Class
My over-roasted chicken breast with fregula (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The Food

The food service was good but I would have liked to have seen more Italian specialties, it was just kind of general entrees. You can read more about the meal and the food service here. Food is available dine-on-demand, you can dine whenever you want. They have two regular meal services and you can eat with them or at another time. On this flight I decided to go to sleep right away and had my dinner in the middle of the flight.

Breakfast was particularly delicious with blueberry ricotta pancakes with lemon creme fraiche. This was joined with fresh baked bread, fresh-squeezed orange juice and fresh berries.

Air Italy Business Class
Ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote and a lemon creme fraiche (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

The Service

Service was excellent. Everyone I encountered, on the ground and in the air, were warm, friendly and seemed to really enjoy doing their job. The cabin crew was always friendly and available throughout the flight. When you’re ready for bed, they come and transform the seat into a bed with a duvet, comforter and large pillow.

I flew from LAX to Milan, then connected to a flight to Olbia (Sardinia) with one checked bag. Unfortunately, the checked bag did not make it with me on all the flights and was not on the carousel when we finally arrived in Olbia. A report was taken at the Olbia Airport which had a helpful person on duty, even at 10 p.m. when we arrived. The bag was delivered to me in Sardinia and they offered good communication during the process. As an experienced traveler, I’ve learned to never pack anything essential in my checked bag and I was reminded of this key tip during the experience.

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