Planning to Stay at a Youth Hostel?

Although many would argue that a hostel lacks the same level of comfort as a hotel or AirBnB rental, staying in one can still offer a completely unrivaled experience for anyone traveling light and on a budget. Whether it’s getting to know like-minded travelers or simply cutting back on costs on a lengthy trip, hostelling can lead to a much more authentic travel experience and the benefits are usually overlooked.

However, with their shared dorms, bunk beds and self-catering kitchens, hostels can throw a few curve balls at travelers and can make preparation and packing quite a time consuming and stressful process. Despite this, the stress of packing can be alleviated somewhat if you have a few tricks up your sleeve and understand how to cut corners and pack strategically.

Tips for Staying at a Hostel

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with a host of knowledgeable travel bloggers and curated a list of ‘Hostelling Hacks’ for anyone about to embark on a hostel trip. So whether you’re looking to save space in your luggage, protect valuables from the elements or ensure you have some privacy in your dorm, this video should introduce you to a few new tips and tricks to try on your next trip.

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