NodPod travel pillow review - travel tips

NodPod travel pillow review - travel tipsI love traveling, but sometimes the hassles that come along with it can dampen the joy of the experience.

One of those possible downers is getting the dreaded middle airplane seat – especially on those long haul flights overseas. The idea of trying to sleep while your head drops back and forth, possibly landing on your neighbor, is not something I relish.

So I was really interested when I heard about the NodPod, a unique travel pillow designed to keep your head in place while you sleep. I applaud anyone who understands the hassles of travel and does their darndest to make it better. That’s what the team at NodPod has done. They have tackled a real life problem and come up with a practical solution.

The NodPod is a small rectangle pillow that goes under your chin to cradle your head in place while you sleep. It’s held in place by two straps that go around the back of your seat. The NodPod recreates how you sleep on a bed, but in an upright position

I tried it recently on an overnight flight to Finland. Granted, I felt a little silly putting the straps around the back and positioning the pillow to go to sleep. You have to take care that the straps don’t cover the TV screen of the person behind you. But I simply told the man behind me what I was doing and he was understanding. Best of all, I got a good few hours of solid sleep so that I could hit the ground running in Helsinki.

While we can’t change the ever-smaller airplane seats or the lack of a reclining position in coach, the NodPod Travel Pillow tries to help you get a little more sleep.

Note: The NodPod is still in the fundraising phase, and is not yet in production. But you can still get your hands on a NodPod pillow by contributing to the NodPod Kickstarter campaign.

Author Bio: Janna Graber is the managing editor of Go World Travel Magazine. A travel journalist for more than a decade, she has covered travel in more than 34 countries. She is the author of A Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women’s Travel and Chance Encounters: Travel Tales from Around the World.

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