Stuck at Home? Use the Time to Plan Future Adventures

Ghirardelli Square
The iconic Ghirardelli Square sign, the Fairmont is right beneath it (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

In these days of quarantines and travel bans, regardless of where you live, you’re probably going to find yourself spending a lot of time at home over the next few weeks.

Plan a Trip

Why not use the time to fantasize about and plan a future adventure? While physical travel might be on hold for most of us for a while, you can spend some time really getting deep into some dream destinations.

As the travel restrictions and home confinement (rightly so) intensify, I wanted to suggest a list of ways to make the most of your time at home by planning some upcoming trips.

This is a great time to plan overall adventures. Create lists of dream destinations, check out cities, research hotels, activities, and other must-see sites. It’s not a time to research airplane, train or other specific schedules. Save that until after things calm down.

Bastione Saint Remy
The Bastione Saint Remy is a popular place to visit in Cagliari (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Make a Bucket List

Everyone talks about their bucket list, but how many of us actually have one? Take advantage of the downtime to make a list of your top 10 dream travel destinations. Then start researching the destinations and make a commitment to yourself to visit at least one this year.

With your list of destinations, take notes on possible hotels, resorts, tours and other things to help make the trip a possible reality. Maybe reach out to some of the travel providers to let them know you’re considering a trip in the future.

Shangri-La Tokyo
Enjoying my morning coffee with a view of the city (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Seek Out New Sources of Travel Information

Did you know that on Go World Travel Magazine, we have stories of travel in more than 90 countries? Just click on the search button at the top right hand of your screen and search to your heart’s content.

There are many other travel writers, bloggers and influencers who spend most of their time exploring the world and telling you about it. With a lot of time on your hands, why not check around for some new online sources of information and inspiration.

Connecting and engaging with the right travel influencer can seriously upgrade your travel game. Find someone who you connect with and start researching those bucket list destinations on their website, blog, YouTube channel or Instagram feed. You just might find a world of new information about that destination and ideas for your trip.

YouTube is a great way to discover new vloggers, simply search for your destination of choice and check out some of the videos that are suggested. Then, by watching their videos you may discover new destinations and acquire new travel tools.

Sardinia is beautiful. This is the beach of Bidderosa. (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Go Through Your Travel Videos and Photos

Whether you rarely go on vacation or travel constantly most of us accumulate a large library of travel content. Take some time to go through the photos and remember those travel experiences.

Consider sharing your travel photos and memories either publicly or to your friends. Facebook galleries are great ways to share photos with your friends and family (you can email a link to the gallery for viewing by people who aren’t on Facebook) or consider starting a travel-focused Instagram to share your images with the world.

Singapore view
Singapore views from the Marina Bay Sands swimming pool (Photo by Freddy Sherman)

Watch Some Travel Videos on YouTube

YouTube is filled will all kinds of fascinating travel videos. You can find vlogs, destination videos, reviews and even full-length travel documentaries. Rick Steves has his full library of Europe travel videos on his YouTube channel, available to watch for free. I also enjoy the videos of travel tour guide Dennis Callan. Of course, I would suggest you check out my Luxury Fred YouTube channel as well. Videomakers on YouTube make their money from your views so watching their videos supports them in this time of no travel.

Many museums have YouTube channel with fascinating content about their collections. I enjoy watching videos from the Frick Collection in New York and the Wallace Collection in London.

Read more of Freddy Sherman’s take on travel on his Go World Travel Blog. You can also follow more of his adventures on his luxuryfred Instagram feed, his personal blog and on his YouTube channel.

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