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Best Travel Gifts for Kids

Looking for ways to ignite your child’s curiosity about the world? One way to do that is with travel gifts that introduce them to new destinations and cultures. Such gifts can inspire wonder, while entertaining and educating.

Don’t know where you can find such gifts? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. Here’s our holiday gift guide with the seven top travel gifts for kids.


Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids

#1: Shifu Orboot Interactive globe

The Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids introduces geography in a fun and interactive way. It’s a physical globe with augmented reality (AR) capabilities and lets your little one interact with the globe.

To make full use of this globe, simply install its supporting app on your Android or iPhone. Follow it up by scanning it via the app, and your child will learn about the area with a focus on weather, maps, animals, inventions, cultures, and monuments.

#2: World or Country Scratch Off Map

Many of us want to give toys that lure our kids away from their gadgets. Luckily, with the Interactive Elsewhere World or Country Scratch Off Map, you’ve got an option to do just that. It’s a stylish piece of hardware that lets your little one explore new lands by scratching off the map’s top layer with a coin.

In addition to knowing more about the hidden treasures of each country or state, the map’s tear-resistant plastic construction allows children to make onboard notes. It contains stickers that let them create their own vacation, trip or adventure, and has a dry erase marker to let them draw on the map.

Little Passports is a subscription service for kids that introduces them to the world. Photo by author
Little Passports is a subscription service for kids that introduces them to the world.

#3: Little Passports

As we’ve reviewed here before, Little Passports is an award-winning subscription program that introduces your kids to destinations around the globe in a fun and interactive way. Each month, the subscription services sends a box filled with games and activities. The “passport is their entry slip to the world of adventure.

Our favorite item in the Little Passports package is the ‘activity sheet’, which encourages the children to embark on a special activity in the featured destination. The package also contains numerous items, like online games, luggage tags for suitcases and many other items.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

#4: Fun World Games

Where in the World & USA is Carmen Sandiego?

As its name implies, the goal of this game is to locate the exact whereabouts of Carmen San Diego. It requires its users to have a sound knowledge of geography as well as a knack for some detective work. Only then you can be hopeful of tracking Carmen’s henchmen who will then lead you to the main person.

Sounds exciting? Yet another benefit of this game is that it reinforces your little one’s decision-making skills. The gameplay is such that it requires the kids to keep an eye on hints as they appear, while they (the users) embark on exploring the world.


Passport to Culture game
Passport to Culture game

Passport to Culture

The Passport to Culture board game introduces children to new countries and destinations. It gives users the option to travel to different countries. Kids will receive a stamp on their passport only after answering a few questions about the culture of the country they want to enter.

More importantly, in addition to asking questions, it gives users new information along the way to help them come up with the answers. That allows your kids to learn more about peoples and places, world treasures and customs, greetings and gestures and more.

Kids trip diary
Kid’s Trip Diary

#5: Travel Journals

Travel Journal Vacation Diary

This children’s travel journal is a fun way for children to record their vacation memories in their own word. Keeping a journal helps them organize their thoughts, while creating memories for the future.

Kids Trip Diary

This children’s travel diary contains prompts that encourage kids to write down their experiences on the road. Plus, there are also pictures that let the children express what they encountered on the road in the form of colors.

National Geographic Kids Infopedia

#6: National Geographic Kids Infopedia

You don’t need us to tell you what you should expect from this Infopedia. It is filled with great content, has interviews with world-renowned explorers, and contains facts and trivia about little known places that would make an adult – let alone a kid – want to visit.

It contains fun facts about the terrain, animals, activities, and crafts from each destination. And when they don’t feel like reading, kids can enjoy a full chapter dedicated to fun and games, including comics and jokes.

Best Back Seat Games
Best Back Seat Games

#7: The Best Ever Backseat Games

The Best Ever Backseat Games will entertain and educate kids while on the road. It contains oodles of games that it will help them (and you) cover the entire journey without getting bored.

The whole family can partake in the activities and enjoy the journey together. After all, isn’t’ that the goal of family travel?

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