Hobart, Tasmania. Flickr/Andrea Schaffer
What to see and do in Hobart, Tasmania
Hobart, Tasmania. Flickr/Andrea Schaffer

Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia, and the quietest when it comes to tourism. However, this does mean that there is not plenty for visitors to do and see. You also get the advantage of a slower and more relaxed pace than you do in many of Australia’s more populous areas.

You can take advantage of a campervan hire with DriveNow.com.au and see the entire state in ten days. However, you may want to give yourself more time so that you can savor all of the places that you visit. When it comes to the state capital Hobart, you should aim to spend at least 3 days in the city. Here are some of the main things that you may want to do with those 3 days.

Shop at the Salamanca Markets

The Salamanca Markets have been in operation since 1972. They are amongst the most popular markets in the country. So, if you are in Hobart on a Saturday, it makes sense to take a look around the stalls. More than 300 vendors sell their goods at the markets, so there are plenty of interesting things that you may want to spend your money on.

Visit the Cascade Brewery

The Cascade Brewery is the oldest brewery in Australia that is still operating. This makes it a fascinating place to visit. The building itself is beautiful and the beer tastes great. Many of the beers that you can try are only available in Tasmania, so you should make the most of the opportunity. You may also want to take in one of the tours that take place each day.

Have Fun at the Brooke St. Pier

The Brooke St. Pier is a great place to visit if you like quirky shopping experiences. The interior decor of the pier complex has an industrial feel. This is an appropriate environment for the range of artisan stores that are found here. You can buy anything from gin to cheese and from honey to soap.

Admire the Creativity at the Museum of Old and New Art

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is a relatively new addition to the creative scene in Hobart. However, it’s already established an excellent reputation and there are plenty of impressive exhibits to see. There is also a great view to be had from the restaurant. One thing that you do need to be aware of is that if you are not a resident of Tasmania, and you are an adult, the entrance fee is fairly costly.

 The view of Hobart from Mt. Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania. Flickr/Francois Marier

The view of Hobart from Mt. Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania. Flickr/Francois Marier

Get a Great View from a Mountaintop

It’s not just by visiting the restaurant at MONA that you can get a great view of the area. There are also some mountain-related lookouts close by.

The most famous of these is, of course, Mt Wellington (Kunanyi) which can be accessed in Mount Wellington Park. It’s possible to hike up and down the mountain and it takes around 6 hours to do so. However, many people prefer to get the shuttle bus to the top and then walk down.

The shuttle bus accesses the mountain using Pinnacle Road. If you want to take the shuttle bus up and down, you only get 30 minutes at the top.

Another option for getting good views in the area is to visit the Mount Nelson suburb where there is a conservation area and a lookout point. The suburb is only a 10-minute drive from the center of Hobart.

All of this should be more than enough to fill three days in Hobart. You may just need to come back.

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