Editorial Guidelines

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Welcome to Go World Travel Magazine. We’re thrilled that you’d like to become a contributor to our digital magazine for world travelers.

To ensure that your articles meet our standards and provide the best possible value to our audience, we have developed the following editorial guidelines.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the guidelines below.

Thank you for choosing Go World Travel as your platform for sharing your travel stories. We look forward to reading your article submissions.

General Submission Guidelines

If Go World Travel Magazine is interested in publishing your article, one of our editorial staff will contact you and send the link to our author’s form. Please fill out each field of the author form and adhere to the guidelines below.

Article Title

  • Format: The title should be submitted in Title Case
  • Keywords: Include relevant keywords in the title for SEO purposes
  • Length: Keep the title concise and informative, no longer than 70 characters

Article Hook

The Article Hook is a brief teaser about the article to entice readers to read the article.

  • Length: It should be very short, ideally under 25 words.

See the example of an Article Hook below:

“From South Africa and Namibia to Botswana and Zimbabwe, this 10-day journey is the perfect introduction to Southern Africa.”

Article Content

  • Subheadings: Include subheadings throughout your article. Subheadings should be bolded (H2) and use Title Case
  • Keywords: Utilize keywords strategically throughout the article for SEO and include them in your H2 tagged subheadings.
  • Tone: Please aim for a friendly and engaging tone in your writing. Address the reader as “you” rather than “one” as if talking to a friend. Ensure the content is engaging and informative, providing value to your readers. Aim for inclusivity and diversity in content, respecting different perspectives and cultures when writing about travel experiences.
  • Write for an International Audience: Go World Travel readers come from all around the world. Please write for a broad international audience.
  • Length: Please aim for a content length of 950 words to 1600 words
  • Paragraph Size: Please ensure you write in small paragraphs (no longer than 3 sentences). This ensures our mobile readers have a good experience.
  • Spelling and Grammar: Please check for grammar accuracy in your article before submission by using a tool like Grammarly.
  • English Versions: We accept all forms of English (Example: British English, American English, etc.)
  • External Links: If you add external links, please make sure they are from reputable sources and add value to the content. No more than eight links per article unless otherwise approved.
  • If You Go: Please add an “If You Go” section to the bottom of your article. This can include helpful websites and travel tips for the destination.
  • Submission Procedure: Paste (with formatting, do not paste as plain text) the article’s body text from your writing application into the provided form. Do not include photos in the content field. Photos have their own submission field.

Photo Upload Guidelines

  • Put your best, most eye-catching photo in the Photo 1 field.
  • File Information for all photo submissions (Note: You can easily readjust the dimensions and file size using Squoosh):
    • Dimensions: 1800px x 1200px.
    • File Size: Maximum of 250kb.
  • Photo File Naming: Photo files should be renamed to include the description of the photo and keywords.
  • Submission Process: Photos should be uploaded in their respective fields in the form provided and nowhere else in the form. Please submit a description and caption for each image in their respective fields.

Photo Attribution Guidelines

The author must own the copyright to the submitted photo, have received authorization from the copyright owner to use the photo (ie from tourism boards and travel organizations), or the image must come from one of the accepted royalty-free libraries.

Accepted royalty-free libraries:

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • iStock

How to Write the Photo Description

Simply describe what is in the photo.

How to Write the Photo Caption

The photo caption must include a description in the first half and copyright attribution in the second half.

Please see the following examples on how to format your captions. Title case is not needed for captions.

  • If you took the photo and own the rights: The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Photo by Emily Smith
  • If you received authorization to use the photo from the copyright owner: The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Photo courtesy of the Paris Board of Tourism
  • If the photo came from a royalty-free library: The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Photo by Kirsten Drew, Unsplash You must include a hyperlink to the royalty-free library photo page in the author’s name. This can be done by highlighting the author’s name in the caption within the Go World Travel submission form and right clicking to add the royalty-free library photo web page link.

Author Bio

The Author Bio is a snippet of text at the end of the article that includes relevant information about the author’s expertise and background.

  • Length: Keep the author’s bio concise, limited to a maximum of 3 sentences.

At Go World Travel, we are committed to providing our readers with accurate and reliable travel information. To uphold this trust, we have established the following Accuracy, Copyright, and Attribution Policy:

Primary Source Verification:

  • Primary Sources: Our content is based on primary sources of information whenever possible, including official government websites, travel authorities, and reputable travel organizations.
  • Cross-Referencing: Our editorial team must be able to cross-reference and fact-check information from multiple reliable sources to ensure accuracy.

Originality and Plagiarism:

  • Plagiarism, fabrication, and any form of dishonesty in our content creation process are strictly prohibited.
  • Contributors are expected to submit original work that has not been previously published elsewhere.
  • Any content found to be plagiarized or in violation of copyright will be immediately rejected and may result in the contributor being barred from future submissions.

Proper Sourcing and Citation:

  • If your content relies on information from other sources, you must provide proper citations, references, and links where applicable.
  • Contributors are responsible for ensuring that their work adheres to fair use and copyright laws.
  • We believe in giving credit where it’s due. All content submitted must include proper attribution to the respective authors, photographers, or creators.

Confidential Information:

  • Do not submit confidential or proprietary information about third parties without their explicit consent.
  • Respect the privacy of individuals mentioned in your content. Obtain permission when necessary.

Editorial Editing and Review:

All contributor submissions are subject to editorial editing and review. Go World Travel reserves the right to edit and format content for consistency and readability while preserving the contributor’s original intent. Likewise, Go World Travel may at their discretion reject submissions on a case-by-case basis if they do not adhere to submission guidelines and high quality standards. Acceptance of an article submission does not guarantee that the article will appear on the website.